The Outside of Inbound Marketing: What Type of Marketing Are You? Halloween Edition

Remember When You Got a Toothbrush Instead of Candy?

– Happy Halloween folks! That time of year is finally upon us! You know, the time when you pick out all of the good Halloween candy from your kid?s bowl.

Well, that got us thinking. Remember when you would trick or treat? Some houses were, well, awesome! And others?.well, they sucked.

The same can be said for marketers.

While the lights may be on and there may be people at home?they may only give you a toothbrush, or worse. That?s because different types of marketers/marketing are not created equal.

Call it repressed feelings, or call it lingering anger but, we’ve made a list of marketers and what type of ?trick or treat destination? we think they would amount too.

Get worked up, get angry, just don?t throw any eggs (or TP us)!

direct marketingAre You Direct Mail?

These are the folks with the giant bowl, but they only let you take one piece of candy. Seriously, why are you hoarding so much candy?

If you think about it, direct marketing goes to so many people?yet the returns are so low. Enjoy your single starburst!

Are You Radio?

You?re walking down the street, the lights are one, people are at the door. Jackpot! You walk up?and fail. The guy at the door is so annoying, he wants a joke?then he keeps talking. Jeez dude, give me my damn candy and let me leave!

This isn?t going to sell me and you?re wasting my time. Good try?I hope you have a long ladder for this toilet paper.

Are You?Guerrilla?Marketing?

Trick-or-treating is serious business. You must run from house to house to keep your pace. Then, out of nowhere, some idiot jumps out from behind a bush. And instinctively you run away. That idiot yells, hey make sure to stop by the Hendersons!

Wow, looks like interrupting my trick or treat worked so well. What are you? A jerk for Halloween?

Are You Outdoor Marketing?

Have you ever seen a house with the sign sitting out? These are the worst! Who really sees these signs from the street?

Let?s be honest, candy that is only worthy of a crappy sign, probably doesn?t warrant a trip to the door. That sign that says ?free Twix bars!? is a lie. They started the night with one Twix?and now they only have mints from last Christmas.

inbound marketingAre You Inbound Marketing?

The lights are on, there are people home. Check and check. And when they bring the bowl out, it?s full of candy you actually care about. They say hey, ?tell me who you are and you can have a piece? (probably a few extra too).

Now why can?t all houses be like that? It only makes sense. This is what we have, take what you want. Just let me know who you are. That’s why, I can talk to you next week about something you care about.

It just seems to make so much sense! Give people what they want, and get a great response. How refreshing!

If you’re not the house all the kids flock to on Halloween, you should reconsider your methods. Try?Inbound Marketing.

Find out how in our new eBook:

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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