The Real Reason You’re Not Using An Inbound Marketing Company

Ask Yourself a Hard Question. Why Aren’t You Using An Inbound Marketing Company?

Inbound marketing is all the rage in brand promotion. It’s been shown to produce better results than traditional marketing techniques, driving more people to your website and generating more sales. You may have even dabbled a bit in inbound marketing yourself. But you haven’t committed. And you aren’t using an inbound marketing company. Why not? Well, here are a few reasons you may be telling yourself:

“It’s just a fad!”Inbound Marketing Company Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is popular today, but will it still be around five or ten years from now? Every few months, someone declares inbound marketing to be officially dead. You can’t waste time and resources changing your strategy for every flash in the pan marketing trend that comes along. Well, fear not: inbound marketing is here to stay. Why? Because, statistically, it works.

Companies who blog regularly and maintain an active presence on social media drive more people to their website than those who don’t. Websites with 30+ landing pages can generate up to seven times more leads than sites with only a few. And companies that nurture leads with further inbound marketing not only see more sales, but sales that are 47% larger than companies that turn all leads directly over to the sales department. Inbound marketing is more than a fad. It’s a proven method that produces real results.

“It’s too expensive!”

You have a limited marketing budget. Most of it is already being used for other methods — the ones that have always worked for your company in the past. Can you really afford to hire an inbound marketing company? Honestly, though, the question is, can you afford not to?

Inbound marketing methods cost much less than outbound methods, and yield better results. With an inbound company to guide your strategy, you can target your customers more effectively, not only driving website traffic, but generating better leads, and more and better sales. It may seem like an extra cost, but with the right company, it’s the kind of investment that pays for itself many times over.

“I can do it myself!”

Rather than being skeptical of inbound marketing, maybe you’ve already got a basic inbound strategy in place. You maintain social media pages for your brand on Facebook and Twitter. You post faithfully to your blog, and maybe even produce other content as well. You don’t need an inbound marketing company. You’ve got things covered. But do you really?

In order to see real results with inbound marketing, you need to be fully committed. Create high quality blog posts at least three or four times a week. Post meaningful content to each of your social media accounts multiple times a day. Continually create white papers and e-books to channel your website visitors into real, usable leads. And much more.

Does your company have the resources to do that all on its own? Can your employees take on blogging and social media in addition to their regular set of duties, and still perform both effectively? And, more importantly, do they have the marketing expertise to do it effectively? An inbound marketing company can handle these tactics for you, giving them the time and attention they need, while freeing up your own company resources to focus on what you do best.

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