The Top 5 Problems with an Out of Date WordPress CMS

Check Your WordPress CMS with a Website Review Tool

When it comes to your website, the single most important aspect ? if you had to choose just one ? really should be security. No matter what else you do, if you are not mindful of securing your Content Management System (CMS), then everything else is moot. Not only will your website be hijacked, costing you time, money and peace-of-mind, but you could also be liable if customer information falls into the wrong hands and is misused. Before you invest in the powerful attributes of a website review tool, make sure your developer safeguards the very website you?re trying to promote.

The good thing is that WordPress? security is quite robust ? but you?ve got to remember to install all updates, for starters. Updates are the result of tireless hours of work by the behind-the-scenes experts, to make the platform?s defenses hold fast against the evolving nature of cyber-threats. Outdated code that could potentially give a virus an inroad to the system is updated, and other vulnerabilities are shored up. The following is a handful of issues that arise when you don?t update your WordPress CMS.

Experience Improved Website Function

website review tool wordpressOne of the best things about WordPress is the widget system, which allows developers all over the world to code support programs that endow your site with all kinds of useful abilities. From spam-catchers to dashboard analytics, they are largely responsible for the richness of the WordPress CMS.

Now, because of the dynamic nature of the web, most of these widgets experience updates by their programmers. These make them easier to use, more secure, and have better attributes. However, WordPress will not update these automatically for you, because sometimes, you may prefer an older version for one or more of them ? so you have to do them manually. Unless you fully understand what you?re doing, always update your widgets ? it takes just the click of a button.

WordPress Security

As we touched on above, updates are your first line of defense against cyber-threats. Why not take advantage of the many talented programmers who implement such robust defenses against hackers? Updates replace old code that may be susceptible to new modes of attack. A website review tool can show you, step-by-step, where you may have issues.


Updates ensure that changes you want to make to your site (which should be an ongoing thing) won?t be incompatible with your plugins. Such updates tend to happen at least every week, and it takes but a second or two to allow the update to transpire via your WordPress dashboard. The longer you go without updating your plugins, the more the different parts of your site will be incompatible with the changing Web. Lack of compatibility also makes it easier to be hacked.

Don?t Think You?re Safe Because You?re Small

Hackers don?t target you specifically; they obtain comprehensive lists of websites that use widgets and plugins with known vulnerabilities. If you aren?t updating your website, then you will fall under the umbrella of targeted sites. A website review tool can give you a comprehensive summation of your vulnerabilities.

Clear Your WordPress Dashboard

The final security standard security threat are unused plugins and widgets ? delete the ones you aren?t using; they can be exploited.

An effective website review tool is the free Inbound Marketing Assessment, which will clarify many things you may not know about your site?s performance on the Web. Are you absolutely certain your inbound marketing is working for you? This tool will lay your hesitation to rest.


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