The Troubling Lag Time of Digital Marketing

Sales Lead Management Best Practices

If you’re worried about the ongoing success of your business, the troubling lag time associated with digital marketing could have you turning away from this increasingly popular method of finding high-quality leads. While traditional marketing methods like TV commercials immediately capture leads, the quality of these leads can be lacking. There are other benefits of digital marketing to explore before writing it off as a serious contender when you are striving to follow sales lead management best practices.

Digital Marketing Lag Time

It’s no secret that digital marketing takes time to draw in interested readers who become leads and loyal customers. If you make a blog post today, you’re not going to have thousands of new leads within a few hours. There are ways that you can boost visibility of your website, but it’s still going to take days or weeks to see your efforts pay off.

Not only is there a lag time in digital marketing when it comes to reaching the target audience and bringing in high-quality leads, but there is also a lag associated with the analytics that you need to determine whether your marketing efforts are working. Analytics like those provided by Google Analytics often offer real-time reports, but a small percentage of the information that you view has a lag time that could make that portion of the report irrelevant to your evaluation.

Why You Should Still Use Digital Marketing

Now that you are aware of the lag time problems associated with digital marketing, it’s time to explore why it’s still a good idea to prioritize digital marketing as a method of reaching your target audience and creating the leads you need to succeed in the long term.

  • While it takes time to reach potential customers and build solid leads, digital marketing is an evergreen effort that will continue to reach leads in the future. Once you make a blog post, it stays there and can continue to draw in readers. You’ll have to put a lot of effort into the marketing campaign in the present, but the long-term benefits will pay off.
  • There are methods of boosting the reach of your digital marketing efforts, and all marketing managers who are interested in following sales lead management best practices should be engaging in these efforts. For example, creating and maintaining a presence on social media websites will help improve the number of visitors to a website because marketers can post about new blog articles, products or updates to the website on social media to alert followers.
  • Content created now can be referenced in the future as part of an effective marketing campaign. Digital marketing requires ongoing effort, but it is a type of marketing that gets easier?to manage as time goes on. You create the foundation and build on that.

As you can see, digital marketing is a valuable player when it comes to sales lead management best practices. While your first digital marketing campaigns will take a lot?of time and effort, building a solid foundation for your future digital marketing efforts will let you reap long-term benefits. A television commercial, flier or billboard can’t offer you the evergreen quality of going digital.

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