The Website Grader: How To Improve Your Website Grade

The Website Grader Reveals Your Weaknesses: What Now?

You have seen the results of your?website grader, and you are not happy.

This is a fairly common reaction as some business owners have no idea what really works and doesn’t work for their website. Even if a business has crafted a winning website, the ever-changing marketing climate, SEO strategies and consumer preferences mean that constant evaluation is essential to stay relevant.

What Does a Website Grader Measure?

what is website graderA website grader can be a powerful tool. Finding out what isn’t working on your website is the first step toward creating more of what does work, and eliminating the aspects of your site that do not serve your goals. The website grader offers powerful insights that you can implement right now to improve engagement, but what next?

More and more organizations are embracing the concept of Inbound Marketing to generate Leads and drive sales. Compared to intrusive marketing tactics that push potential Customers away, Inbound Marketing builds relationships and loyalty. It isn’t just about driving Visitors to your site, it’s about keeping them there and it’s about Conversion.

Now that your website grader has?identified areas that are not working, you may want to consider the next step in evaluating your Inbound Marketing Strategy. Finding out your website grade is a good first step, since your website is part of your Inbound Marketing. What are some of the other elements necessary to enhance your website and overall grade?

They are:

  • Your company blog
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Email Marketing

Some other factors that affect your overall marketing grade:

  • How effective is your Call-To-Action?
  • What about your Content Strategy?
  • How effective are your Landing Pages?

Take the Next Step: Inbound Assessment

A Website Grader is a great place to start, but an Inbound Assessment?can give you a much clearer picture of how your marketing is engaging Visitors, Prospects and Leads, and how they are being moved through your funnel.

Today’s consumers are savvy, and they do not respond to intrusive and salesy marketing tactics. They expect a return on their investment of time. They expect value. They are also constantly bombarded with information, ads and offers. They are often experts at weeding out irrelevant and pushy content. If you want to gain trust, you have to provide value.

An Inbound Assessment in addition to a Website Grader can help insure you are giving your Prospects what they need and want. If you are ready to find out what that is, and how you can best deliver it, request your free Inbound Assessment today.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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