The Worst CRM Analytics to Track

CRM Software Reviews and What You Should Be Tracking

Like any new system intended to increase the efficiency of your business, CRM software should be coupled with analytics to make sure you obtain optimal results. Because customer relationship management has so many metrics, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if you?re wasting too much time on some of them as opposed to others ? which is one of the primary reasons for poor CRM software reviews. It?s all about cost-benefit and return on investment. ?The following selection is a good start on which CRM analytics to avoid.

The Average Handle Time Metric

CRM Software Reviews Bad AnalyticsSpeaking of return on investment, the average handle time is one metric that gives you little actionable data regarding to ROI. It represents the amount of time it takes to complete a single transaction in your call center ? everything involved; from the initial phone call to actions that occur immediately afterward as a direct result of that call. It?s a frivolous metric, because it provides you with no information about the character of the call as it pertains to customer relationships ? which are what CRM software reviews are all about. Essentially, the AHT treats these two calls that have the same duration equivalent: one with an exuberantly-satisfied customer, and another with an unsatisfied customer.

Customer Origin Polls

There are many variations of this one ? but they all lack significant accuracy. The ?did a friend refer you to us,? or ?did you read about us in a magazine? generally give you no relevant information about what channels are actually most beneficial to you; they just give you information on the most popular. People rarely recall which one was the one that actually pointed them in your direction, because we as a society are inundated with multiple media sources throughout the day. The freshest ? or most recent ? one will usually win out. It?s not worth the time or effort to implement the results of this metric into your database; more than a few negative CRM software reviews result from gauging the effectiveness of the platform from poor analytics choices.

Are the Emails You Send Out Being Read?

In the early days of the web, when people opened their emails ? you could be virtually certain they read them through. Emails were such a novel concept back then, so there was no need for spam filters, script-blockers and the like. Today, the reality is far different, and CRM analytics that tell you an email has been opened means virtually nothing with respect to the possibilities for conversion or consumer interest. Basically, email campaigns are too limited, in light of other alternatives.

Metrics That Purport Departmental Correlations

This is a tough one. Although such metrics can be tempting to view as indicative of success, the truth is the present state of CRM software doesn?t handle cross-departmental measurements of performance very well. Can you be sure that the positive results from several of your business units are actually aligned with the overarching objectives of the company as a whole? Focusing on the afore-mentioned metrics can take your eyes off the big picture ? and become a case of data overload.

When it comes to CRM software, the tool is as powerful as your ability to understand how to use it. With a new CRM initiative that incorporates the power of marketing automation software into its general offering, it has an even greater ability to bring and retain qualified leads than the previous incarnations. For more information, check out the CRM Review eBook.

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