Top 5 Marketing Automation Software Choices

Marketing Automation Software is an Invaluable Solution

top 5 marketing automation software– In the modern era, successful marketing begins and ends with data. Unfortunately, collecting and managing the overwhelmingly voluminous amount of information provided by consumers from countless sources is exceedingly difficult — to do so effectively would require so many man hours that your marketing efforts could become counterproductive.

The only way to overcome this problem is with Marketing Automation Software. But with countless options available in this burgeoning industry, which? Marketing Automation Software Solution do you choose? We are going to make your decision easier by taking a look at the top five Marketing Automation Software solutions.

5. Pardot

With a fluid interface, excellent customer insight tools and the backing of Marketing Automation powerhouse Salesforce (discussed below), it is clear that Pardot can handle most of a company’s marketing needs. Also, unlike most other Marketing Automation Software companies, they require no long-term commitment to use their services — they operate on a monthly contract.

In order to maintain a high level of intuitiveness, Pardot cuts out several otherwise useful capabilities like direct mail integration. Make sure that the Pardot system provides you with all of the solutions you need before choosing to use it.

4. Eloqua

Able to efficiently and effectively automate your online and offline marketing communications with customers, Eloqua is an excellent Marketing Automation Software solution. Its flexible marketing tools make it easy for you to control how your message is delivered.

Eloqua’s biggest drawback is that it has the least intuitive interface of the platforms on this list. This isn’t to say that it is overly difficult to use. The other platforms are just easier. Those less familiar with using a Marketing Automation Software Solution may want to choose another more intuitive platform.

3. Marketo

This platform is all about integration and analytics. It makes the creation of outbound and Inbound Marketing campaigns easy, and its engagement and analytics program makes it easy to target customers at the right place, at the right time.

The Marketo system can be bogged down if you attempt extremely complex operations, severely limiting its capabilities for some businesses.

2. Salesforce

Having existed since the 90s, Salesforce is the seasoned veteran of the top Marketing Automation Software solutions on this list. They pack just about every single CRM solution that you need into an easy to use package that is fully customizable. This includes instantaneous updates via your mobile devices. Salesforce is such a staple in the Marketing Automation industry that it is an unwritten rule that one’s Marketing Automation Software solution must include Salesforce integration to be successful.

Salesforce tries to pack so many options into its cloud-based service, however, that it can leave some users feeling overwhelmed or confused.

1. HubSpot

With over 10,000 customers and 50% growth over the past year, it is clear that Hubspot is doing something right. But what makes them so great that they have captured the number one spot on our list? Hubspot’s Marketing Automation Software does three things better than any other solution: it is extremely intuitive, covers all of your marketing needs (lead generation, lead nurturing, social media, website management, ect.) and provides a bevy of plugins for Content Management Systems outside of its ecosystem.

One of its biggest strengths is also a drawback for Hubspot. Its intuitive interface can make the platform feel too simple for experienced Marketing Automation Software users.

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