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The Web Grader Reveals the Secrets to a Great Website

web grader– If your website just doesn’t seem to have the business it once did, it’s probably time to do some upgrades. In today’s world, the primary way that people are going to find you is through your website. If the site is hard to navigate or your message isn’t concise, your prospective clients are just going to move on. A web grader is a tool that can be utilized at no cost to help get you back on track.

Here are 8 reasons you might want to use the web grader to update your website:

8. You’re just not getting the traffic you used to.

Maybe when you first launched your site, you were getting all kinds of Customers through Leads and Referrals but you’ve noticed lately that your traffic has slowed down significantly.

A web grader can help you see your Lead generation and help you fix any issues your site may be having. Possible issues may revolve around broken links, confusing or unrelated content or simple design flow.

7. You don’t have a blog.

Or you do, but you haven’t updated it in awhile. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to optimize your website because it allows your Customers to get to know you personally without actually meeting you.

It may not seem important, but building that personal relationship could be the difference between making a sale and that prospect moving on to someone else because they feel like they can trust them instead. A web grader can show you exactly how to utilize your blog properly so your Customers will want to come back.

6. You haven’t yet jumped on the Social Media bandwagon

Maybe you didn’t think you needed Social Media to help get your name out to the public, but the fact is most of your leads could potentially come from places like Facebook and Twitter. By using a web grader, you’ll be able to see exactly what social media tools can help you most and whether they are set up correctly to refer to your website.

5. It’s difficult to share your site’s content.

If the only way people are going to be able to share your content is if they copy and paste your URLs, you’re going to lose a lot of business. A web grader can teach you what social media plugins to get and how to use them so sharing among multiple platforms is easier for the visitor.

4. You’re not tracking your efforts.

Without knowing exactly how efficient your website actually is, you might be missing out on some incredible opportunities to make it better. If you use a web grader, you can easily track your website traffic and marketing campaigns in one place.

3. You don’t have enough backlinks

When authority sites link with your website, you’re going to get more traffic and in turn, more sales. A grader will help you to see exactly what pages are linking to you, how authoritative they are and if they are driving traffic to your site. It is important to keep those referring sites relative to what you offer as spammy sites can hurt your own authority.

2. You don’t have an RSS feed.

People love it when things are made easy for them and having an RSS feel will allow your Customers to find your site without any hassle.

1. Your site isn’t mobile friendly.

This is probably the single most important feature that websites need to have, yet many still don’t. Most people use their smartphones to browse the web now, and if your site isn’t accessible from a mobile device, you’re going to lose a lot of potential traffic. A web grader can help you learn the best practices to convert your site to a mobile-friendly site. This does not simply mean it can be viewed on a mobile, it must have specific coding and formats.

Not sure if your website has all 8 features? Or maybe you need more direction on how to implement them? Take the free, no obligation web grader today:

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