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– Unless this is the first Inbound Marketing-specific article you’ve ever read, the following stats will probably not surprise you. You might have experienced tremendous Inbound Marketing success in your own business or perhaps you’re considering a revamped marketing strategy that includes Inbound Marketing. Either way, there are lost souls out there who have not heard the good news about Inbound Marketing.

That’s why we compiled some statistics that you can help us share so we can spread the word:

    1. 60% of companies have adopted some element of the inbound marketing methodology into their overall strategy.?
    2. 41% of marketers say inbound marketing produced measurable ROI in 2013.?
    3. 53% of CEOs/CMOs increased their 2013 inbound marketing budgets.?
    4. 62% of marketers surveyed will blog in 2013.?
    5. 18% of marketers confirmed that developing quality content was their top priority in 2013.?
    6. After four straight years of consistent SEO outlays, search engine allocations dropped 3% this year.?
    7. Social media accounts for 14% of marketers? total lead pipeline this year.?
    8. 52% of all marketers generated a lead from Facebook in 2013.?
    9. Only 27% of marketers bought an email list this year.?
    10. The average 2013 website conversion rate is 10%, industry-wide.?
    11. 20% of marketers say increasing total lead volume is their top priority this year.
    12. Twice as many marketers say inbound delivers a below average cost per lead vs. outbound strategies.?
    13. The average cost per customer for enterprise companies with a formal marketing-sales agreement is $291.?
    14. 67% of marketers rate lead scoring as important to their strategic success.?
    15. 45% of marketers do not test their inbound marketing campaigns.?
    16. 50% of marketers consider their companies to be primarily customer focused.?
    17. 15% of companies are primarily focusing on their products in 2013.
    18. Only 17% of sales teams fully support their company’s inbound marketing efforts.
    19. 46% of marketers use Google Analytics? free reporting.?
    20. Hiring top talent is the top challenge for 9% of marketers, while 8% say it’s training their teams.?
    21. 81% of all marketers work in teams of fewer than 6 people.?


Statistics courtesy of HubSpot.

Is your organization experiencing similar success? If not, you might need a refresher on Inbound Marketing or perhaps request a free HubSpot demo to see what the software can do for you:

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