Using a Website Review Service to Discover if Your WordPress Website has Security Issues

First and foremost, what is WordPress? You?ve likely heard the name in relation to websites scattered throughout the World Wide Web, and associated it with some very high-traffic sites such as and WordPress is a content management system, and the platform on which these giants ? and millions more ? run. It is employed by countless people all over the world for blogging, e-commerce, and has many other content-related uses.

Keeping a WordPress Website Safe

As you might expect for such a widely-used platform, it is subject to security issues, both from hackers and bad coding. ?To avoid being one of the webmasters who wakes up one day to find her system infected, any reputable website review service would recommend the following methods for keeping your WordPress site as safe as possible.

  1. Make sure you always update your site to the latest version of WordPress. This is actually one of the most frequently-exploited vulnerabilities, and is simply a result of negligence. A dedicated team of exceptional programmers are always fortifying the WordPress platform against the latest cyber-threats. ?Each new version represents the latest culmination of their efforts. When you use an older version, it?s simply less secure by definition, and you give potential hackers inroads to your system.
  2. website review serviceThis next act should actually go for every single system you use that stores sensitive information. ?Use strong passwords and reliable authentication protocols. Because certain parts of your WordPress profile are more sensitive than others, a website review service would suggest that you go the extra mile in those cases ? such as implementing extra-secure keys for your wp-config.php file, which holds the directory structure of your entire site.
  3. Just as with your computer or laptop, you can install a Firewall that is dedicated to protecting your WordPress site. It shuns suspicious and unwanted applications that find their way to your site via the Internet.
  4. One of the things that makes WordPress so powerful and user-friendly is the existence of plugins. Along with themes, they allow you an almost endless amount of customization. However, most of these plugins are written by third-parties, which mean they have varying levels of susceptibility to cyber-threats. As such, it?s important to take care when choosing these applications, and make sure you get rid of the ones that aren?t currently enabled on your site. ?Any vulnerabilities can still propagate to the site at large. Management of these plugins entails removing unused ones, taking care when selecting ones you intend to use, and always keep them up-to-date.
  5. When possible, look for a WordPress hosting company. Although there are plenty of hosting companies out there capable of protecting your website, none of them are as well-equipped to specifically handle the WordPress content management system as a dedicated server. Not only are the speeds greater, but more importantly, the security is more robust and the updates are automatic. Right off the bat, they cover most of the issues used by hackers to attack a WordPress site.

Website Review Service Benefits

Although WordPress is the most popular blogging and content management system in the world, users can still benefit from a website review service. The native community is very strong, but you would be hard-pressed to find actionable tips for website promotion without an in-depth assessment of your site. This is where the Inbound Marketing Assessment shines. ?It is a free tool that will help you determine and understand how to catapult your digital marketing plan to the forefront of your industry. It?s completely free!