Using Paid Search to Attract: PPC Advertising Agency Tips


A Good PPC Advertising Agency
Brings Customers To You


PPC Advertising Agency

You Want Better Odds!

– Throwing your website into the internet search pool is a lot like shooting craps in Vegas. While it?s certainly a good time, high risks gambling is best saved for your personal life. In business, you definitely want to create better odds of success.

A PPC Advertising Agency?(Pay-Per-Click) may be able to help, provided they connect PPC with an internet marketing system known as Inbound Marketing.

A PPC Advertising Agency Strategically Enhances Your Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? It?s a system for bringing Visitors to your website, generating Leads (Lead Gen) and connecting with Prospects. A strong Inbound Marketing Plan transforms your website into a Conversion Machine.

How does a PPC Advertising Agency
Help your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

PPC advertising is founded on the principle of providing high quality content for your prospective Clients. Successful PPC ads target those who are already searching for your products or services. ?The best way to attract quality Visitors is to give them what they are looking for: relevant solution-based content.

And, rather than every single time your ad pops up, you only pay when the ad works ? when your future Customer clicks. (If only we could get those odds in Vegas!)

A Successful PPC Advertising Agency Converts Visitors To Customers

Clicks are nice. Lots of clicks can give you all sorts of warm and fuzzies.

Forget the warm and fuzzies.
You want results.

PPC Advertising Agency

Forget the Warm ‘n Fuzzies,
You Want Results!

You want clicks that matter. So too, should your PPC Advertising Agency. To ensure your PPC ads are an asset, they need to be crafted effectively to attract the kind of Visitor you want.

PPC Advertising Agency Effective Ads Tip
1: Headlines That Count

You have 7 ? 25 characters to design an enticing and attractive PPC ad. Make each one count. Don?t be cute. Don?t be coy. Use your keyword or words to make the headline direct and to the point.

PPC Advertising Agency Effective Ads Tip
2: Ultra-Specific Page

More often than not, PPC ads direct clickers to a company?s homepage. Why?

Does your homepage have the answers?
Is it specific to the keyword of your ad?

It’s better to take your Visitor to a landing page that quickly and easily relates to exactly what they were looking for.

PPC Advertising Agency Effective Ads Tip
3: Stop Selling ? Start Engaging

Your ads? landing pages should not sell your product or service. They should address the query searched and provide an opportunity for Conversion.

As tempting as it is, don?t do it.
Don?t make the pitch ? yet.

Your landing page should be a valuable, free resource. Answer the question. Provide educational material about the subject matter surrounding your product or service. At this point, you may collect data through a further urge-to-action.

The goal is to engage your Visitors.

PPC Advertising Agency Effective Ads Tip
4: Generate Leads

Visitors are great. ?You can attract plenty of Visitors using PPC Advertising.

Turning those Visitors
into Leads is the key.

Set up the free resource you offer your Visitors to be delivered by email. You won?t be asking your Visitors to shell out any cash, but you will be asking them to share their contact information. For them, at this point in the cycle, sharing this information is non-threatening. For you, this information is gold.

You’re going to use the data in the future to re-engage responsibly.

PPC Advertising Agency Effective Ads Tip
5: Test More Than One Version

While engaging a PPC Advertising Agency is certainly going to improve your odds, nothing is ever a guarantee. By testing more than one version of your PPC ads, you can see what?s working and, more importantly, what isn?t.

Tweaking your PPC ads is the best way
of getting the most for your money.

What other ways can your PPC Advertising Agency improve your Inbound Marketing Campaign? How else can you improve your SEO presence with PPC ads?

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