Web Grader: 5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Web Pages

Web Grader: 5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Web Pages

website grader– Whether you have a older website that is lagging behind the competition or a new website that is not establishing itself, online marketing can be a heartbreaking endeavor. It can feel like you are lost in the woods without a map. Sometimes traffic just doesn’t come to your site, others it doesn’t convert to sales.

The biggest obstacle is that you often have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it. If you ever find yourself in this position, you need to take a closer look at the fundamentals of your?marketing practices. A great place to start is to run your page’s performance through the Website Grader and look at its suggestions in five key areas on its checklist.

Set Up Analytics

Grading your sites is greatly dependent upon your ability to not only quantify your traffic, but also evaluate the quality of the traffic that you are receiving.

This all begins with Analytics.

Your analytics set up will give you key information, such as if you are getting a high quality of inadvertent clicks from sources that are unlikely to be interested in your product, or if traffic is just not making it to key portions of your website such as the sales page. If you can see where your site is going wrong, it is that much easier to take the steps you need to fix it.

Regard Your Style Sheet

The web?grader will be able to tell you how mobile-friendly your webpage is. This is significant because Mobile Devices are outselling personal computers and failure to cater to those users could cost you up to half your potential traffic. Your style sheet needs to integrate CSS for mobile and a meta viewpoint tag in order to be correctly viewed and oriented on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Evaluate your Social Media

If you want to turn your website into a Conversion Machine, you have to use social media effectively. Ideally, you want no less than two of the major social networks to link directly to your site. The web grader?will be able to tell you how effective your tweets and updates are in directing traffic to where you want it to go. There will be both passive and active ways to direct your traffic, and the grader will tell you how you are doing with each method.

Take a Close Look At Your Landing ?Page

The web grader can help to evaluate the effectiveness of your landing page.?The intention of your landing page is distinct from the rest of your website. Your landing page should be an automated method of attracting leads and increasing click-through to Conversion. While the rest of your pages may be intended to help your visitor understand or desire your product, the Landing Page should be custom designed to get them to visit these pages in the first place. A landing page needs to engage your customers on their own terms, and if it fails in this you will see your traffic fall like a rock.

Examine Your SEO

The days when you could drive search engine traffic by flooding the web with your links is over. These days, it is imperative that you get authoritative sites to link to you. The web grader will suggest method that will help to make this happen, such as adding alt tags to your images or using unique page descriptions.

Take the first step to improving your traffic and?get your website graded:

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