Website Architecture Designed for Conversion

How Conversion Architecture Turns Visitors into Customers

Designing a website that creates conversions…
…Should be the backbone of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Most web designers build based on information architecture, focusing on data. Conversion architecture is now on the rise. With website architecture designed to focus on consumers over data, you’ll build a better website and turn it into a Conversion Machine.

A Conversion Machine attracts new leads and customers…
…But it takes more than an appealing design to nurture leads into customers.

Website Architecture is the Backbone of Inbound Strategy

Website Architecture is the Backbone of Inbound Strategy

Convert Through Better Website Architecture

Design your website architecture to have friction-less navigation, creating a deliberate plan and user flow for direction when Visitors find your site. With website architecture heavily dependent on user flow design, your new site greets and guides Visitors. This reduces onsite navigation friction for your website visitors while encouraging conversions. By instilling good onsite user flow, you’ll create a natural navigation progression for Visitors to move throughout the site, eventually creating a conversion.

Your website architecture should encourage the consumption of content and spark curiosity about your organization and site.By offering valuable content that is meaningful to your target customer, your site will be designed to capture Lead data to be responsibly used in your re-marketing efforts.

Speak to Shoppers

After attracting Visitors with a user-friendly design and those curious about your organization, the content you provide must speak to shoppers as they consume it. Your website pages created as part of the natural flow created within web architecture best practices will be populated with great content. Good content creates conversations with Visitors, eventually causing a conversion from Visitor to Lead to Customer. It all begins with a solid content strategy.

Create conversions by creating quality content that not only informs Visitors about your products and services but also engages. Using customer calls-to-action to new information. Plan out a call-to-action map that helps your organization know what type of content to produce, how much to produce and where to place content.

Educate-Create Conversations

You want your Inbound Marketing sites to engage with visitors in order to capture lead information, resulting in a conversations. Good website architecture combined with good content creates customer conversations. Engaging content, int turn, causes conversions. Onsite actions that result in conversions include purchasing a product, making a donation or signing up for a subscription. An online conversion could also simply be measured by visitors clicking a CTA button or filling out a form–basically anything that is a valuable action that will turn leads into consumers.

Engage-Cause a Conversion

This first conversion or sale is only a springboard for embracing the customer and encouraging another conversion and then another (now, THAT’s a loyal customer!). Great web architecture does not result in a customer simply buying something one time but creates customers for life. By focusing on consumers as the most important aspect when designing your web architecture, your organization markets and speaks to the consumer directly based on who they are, what their needs are and where they are in the purchase funnel.

Conversion Architecture goes well beyond information architecture, solely derived from data. When considered in the correct context, onsite data is very valuable in giving us consumer hints from which you can infer certain motivations; it’s just not the sole determinant in determining your web architecture.

When you’re re-designing your website, the importance of Conversion Architecture will only increase as the competition to turn leads into consumers turns fierce. Great web architecture means all the difference in having visitors for a few seconds and customers for life.

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