Website Conversion: 10 Tips From a Conversion Optimization Consultant

Things To Know That Create Effective Website Conversion

website conversion– Website Conversion is a bit like dating.

The object is to do what it takes to keep the relationship going. In most cases, if marriage is discussed on the first date, it also becomes the last date.

This is also true of first impressions by a Visitor to a website. If too much is asked too soon, it?s likely that your Visitor will get up from the table and leave the restaurant and you may never know why.

It is better to nurture the relationship with proper Website Conversion Architecture to create a friction-less experience and gain the confidence of your Visitors, turning them into Leads, Prospects and eventually, Customers.

This is done through a series of ?Conversion steps that may consist of your Visitor simply clicking on a call-to-action or filling out a form allowing you to capture his or her information. The eventual goal is of course, to obtain a sale, subscription or a donation, depending on your organization?s purpose.

10 Tips for Improving Website Conversion:

1) Navigation Plan

Your website should not overwhelm Visitors, but guide them carefully to the desired outcome with clear concise steps. Are you asking too much too soon? Once a Visitor leaves the first page, is there still a strategy for nurturing them to a conclusion you want?

2) Conversion Plan

Are the steps they take to a full Website Conversion well thought out and logical? Is there an opportunity for the different types of Visitors to take an action step without confusing the other types of Visitors?

3) Content Strategy

Is your content designed to Attract, Nurture and Convert Visitors? Is it speaking to them at their level or is it over their heads with technical jargon? In order to get good Website Conversion, your Content should be relevant to the interests of your Visitors and the topic heading under which it appears.

4) Calls To Action Effectiveness

Each Call-to-action should offer one clear request that asks your Visitors to take a specific action. Is your wording crystal clear?

5) Call-t0-action Map

Where are your Calls-to-action located within your website? How many are there and do they follow the Website Conversion Plan?

6) Relevant Content

What are your Visitors looking for? Is that what you are giving them? Make sure your content is well written, compelling and that it answers the questions your Visitors are asking.

7) Home Page/Landing Page Structure

What is the first thing your Visitors see when they open these pages? Is there confirmation that they are on the right page? Have you used Website Conversion navigation best practices?

8) Only Essential Field Forms

Less is more when it comes to asking Visitors for personal information. Once you have gained their trust, it?s okay to ask for more, but initially, only ask for the essentials.

9) Good Copy

Effective clear and correctly written copy is paramount to Website Conversion. Keep it simple but informative and above all, make sure it is grammatically correct.

10) Measurement and Adjustment

Do you have the proper Analytics in place to tell what is working and what is not? Website Conversion has to be measured, adjusted and measured again on a continual basis.

Website Conversion Optimization

Was your website built before August 2012? ?Then it is not likely to have optimum Website Conversion Architecture. A good Conversion Optimization Consultant can guide you through the assessment of your website and put you on the right track.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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