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Website Conversion – 7 Ways Hubspot Helps

Website Conversion: Hubspot Turns Visitors into Leads, Leads into Prospects, and Prospects into Customers.

If you?re reading this blog, you probably already know a little about website conversion and are about to embark on the journey of transitioning to Inbound Marketing. ?As you have seen, the ROI offered by Inbound is something that can’t be ignored anymore. ?If you agree, you’re surely not far from committing.

Then you have a decision to make that is quickly approaching.

Do you try to design and implement the process on your own? Or do you invest in a Hubspot Certified Partner to help? We will admit, Hubspot is an investment for a business. ?But the keyword is INVESTMENT. For those of you that are new to Hubspot, it is a smart investment for companies that want to implement a content management system (CMS). ?Hubspot offers a turn-key platform to generate leads through your website, nurture those leads, turn leads into sales and turn first-time customers into customers for life. This is precisely what Website Conversion is all about.

Sounds pretty neat, eh???Going back to that question: Will you invest in Hubspot? I bet you?re saying ?maybe.? Let me pose the question another way:

hubspot certified partner


Do you want to have the?best chance of success?

We?d venture to say you?d let out a resounding, “YES!” ?

If you are considering Inbound Marketing, here are the top 7 reasons to use Hubspot from Marketing Matters Inbound:

  1. All-In-One-Marketing Tools: ?Hubspot literally brings everything to one place. There is no need to tab between multiple programs. In fact, as your CMS, you can manage your email marketing, track leads, publish social media, automate workflows and change CTA?s from a simple dashboard.
  2. Automation of Workflows: If you are like many of our clients, there are too many visitors coming into your website to track. Realistically, you can?t manually add everyone into a workflow to receive specific offers based on their past website visits. With Hubspot it is possible! All you need to do is create ?if then? workflows to automate the process. That way, no one falls through the cracks!
  3. Landing Pages: Without Hubspot, creating landing pages is a tedious task. Just ask anyone who has done it manually. With Hubspot, you can quickly create landing pages with custom forms. Landing pages will increase the number of leads you will collect.
  4. Tons of Resources: Whether you need tech support or just info on marketing, Hubspot is your resource. We have a wealth of information about the latest in marketing, including data to back it up.
  5. Tracking and Analytics: Hubspot offers easy to understand analytics, so you ACTUALLY know if your marketing efforts are working. And because it is an all-in-one tool, you will get the whole story ? not five separate reports.
  6. Continuously Updating the Product: A day does not pass without an improvement to the Hubspot software. Regularly introducing new innovations keeps the software head and shoulders above the competition.
  7. Increase Leads: And last, but not least, the leads. No other CMS has the control or ability to give you leads. Hubspot customers get 32 percent more leads per month. Not bad huh?

You may be wondering why an Inbound Marketing agency is gushing so much over Hubspot. ?WE ARE EXCITED! ? We believe Inbound Marketing is the most important development in business marketing in decades. ?We believe Hubspot is the most dynamic Inbound Marketing software and strategy tool available today to help you make your Website Conversion rate skyrocket. ? Marketing Matters Inbound wants to help you grow your business because that is how our business grows. ?To find out where you stand simply ask about our complimentary Inbound Website Assessment. ?We’ll be using Hubspot to execute it!

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