Build a Website that Converts

Website Conversion Architecture is the blueprint for attracting and nurturing leads and encouraging them to become customers.

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Is Your Website a Conversion Machine™?

Website Conversion Architecture

In Website Conversion Architecture, the user flow design is paramount. Good onsite user flow creates a natural progression of content consumption. Ideally this reduces friction for your website visitors.

This  friction-less navigation experience naturally encourages conversions.

The Best Inbound Websites Feature Conversion Architecture

Conversions occur in the form of a sale, a donation, or a subscription. Sometimes an online conversion is simply measured by your visitors clicking a CTA button or filling out a form.

A great website attracts visitors curious about your organization. The best inbound websites engage those visitors while capturing lead information.

The customer conversations that follow create a conversion from lead to customer.

This first sale is the springboard for embracing the customer and encourage another conversion. And then another conversion. And another.

Website Conversion Architecture vs. Information Architecture

Information Architecture is not new but Website Conversion Architecture is.

The difference? Website Conversion Architecture focuses the importance on the consumer over data. So website conversion architecture includes both content strategy and a CTA map for your website visitors.

Great content strategy creates customer conversations. A Call-to-Action (CTA) map guides the customer to a purchase. That is Conversion Architecture.

How will you measure success? You can start by looking at your Conversion Rate. If your website was built before August, 2012, it probably does not have optimal Conversion Architecture in place.

Why Your Website Doesn’t Convert

Reasons Your Site is Broken:

  • No Plan
  • Poor Content
  • Inappropriate Calls-to-Action
  • Poor Website & Landing Page Structure
  • Automation over User Experience (UX)
Cause Website Conversions

Website Conversions occur through lead nurturing. The nurturing process occurs through thoughtful delivery of relevant consumer information based on Inbound Marketing Strategy. Good Content fulfills the needs of your website visitor.

Best Practices for Website Conversion Architecture dictate the serving of content at four stages:

  1. Education
  2. Engagement
  3. Encouragement
  4. Embracing

This online content is written in language that “speaks” to different target personas. These prospects can then relate to what you’re communicating on your website.

The actual content of your website is based on Content Strategy.

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Website Conversion Architecture

Video Transcript: How do you build a website that converts? A website designed to nurture a sale? Website Conversion Architecture is designed to convert Visitors to Prospects, Prospects to Leads, and Leads to Customers. But, most sites aren’t built for website conversions. Too bad for the competition! Build a better website. Attract new customers. Speak to shoppers. Create Conversations and Cause Conversions. That’s what Website Conversion Architecture does. That’s what WE do. We help write companies’ futures by creating customers for life. Are you a convert?