Website Conversion Rate: How Good is my Website (Really)?

Website Conversion Leads Directly to Sales

– Website?conversion rate measures the number of visitors who actually complete a sales transaction. In general, the website conversion rate is viewed as being strictly related to sales and revenue. However, website?conversions only occur when website visitors feel comfortable enough to continue using your site.

Having said that, website?conversion rates may be an indicator of the overall attractiveness and user-friendliness of your website.

The Trap

website conversionCompanies that host attractive websites are at an advantage when it come to improving website conversion. Since visitors are more likely to browse sites they feel comfortable using, a company that seeks to improve it?s conversion rates can make small improvements that will boost overall user satisfaction.

Many companies are aware of the value related to improving website conversion rates since the results from doing so will be reflected directly in sales figures.

However, oftentimes their approach to improving their website?conversions are to increase their advertising budgets. These companies are operating under the assumption that boosting traffic to their site will inevitably improve website conversions.

While it does serve to reason that the more website visitors you have, the more chances you will have to make a new sale.

However, this is an easy trap for website owners to fall into.

Conversion Architecture

Website owners often ignore the fact that online conversions could suffer due to a poor website design or an awkward layout. If either of those are the case, then it may be possible to improve website conversion rates without having to drive a huge amount of new traffic to your website.

So, it serves to reason that before companies decide to spend an arm and a leg on advertising, they should analyze their website and consider its design carefully.

A website that is well designed should be able to coax into buying and to make the process of buying easy.

While you should seriously consider revamping your website when your conversion rate is below 1% anything above 20% is considered a good website conversion rate.

Below are a few things to consider when evaluating your website for potential changes that will improve website conversion.

  1. Make your website easy to use? A good website needs to be simple to navigate. All of the important links need to be clearly displayed and inviting to click. Users need to know what to do after they have landed on your page. So, make your instructions clear.
  2. Display beautiful pictures ? Pictures and infographics are beautiful. They are one of the most important elements to add to your site. Users draw their idea of what to expect from graphics even before reading your text. So, displaying attractive graphics helps to impart ideas and helps lead people to a better understanding of your product or service.
  3. Stay organized- As mentioned previously, your website needs to be very easy to understand. Keep your steps to navigating your sales process simple. It is also a good idea to compartmentalize your site so that your services are easy for others to find understand.
  4. Take the path of least resistance – Some people like to stay ahead of the technology curve by adding the latest gadgets and flash elements to their website. As cool as new gadgets are, they don?t always work the same way on everyone?s computer. So, for the sake of easy operation, keep the gadgets to a minimum.

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