Website Grader: 7 Things You Don’t Know About Your Website

Website Grader Reveals Strengths and Weaknesses

website grader weaknesses– What don’t you know about your website’s performance that a Website Grader can tell you?

Your website should be a gateway for those who want your products or services: Be visible, keep your Visitors engaged and coming back for more, and nurture Prospects so they become Leads and then Customers. Your website’s performance (or lack thereof) can mean all the difference between success and failure. A Website Grader can pinpoint what’s wrong with your website.

Is it set up to take full advantage of Inbound Marketing’s Best Practices??(Don’t know? Use a Website Grader to find out.)

What Don’t You Know About Your Website’s Performance?

  • It may not be “mobile” friendly

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to do product research, comparison shop, and purchase. Is your website mobile friendly? Not so much, according to Website Grader? Then you’re losing business.

That’s because consumers are five times more likely to leave a website if it’s not mobile friendly, so give them what they’re looking for.

  • You’ll get more traffic (and Leads) if you blog

Companies that blog enjoy 70% more Leads and 55% more Internet traffic than companies that don’t. Blogs let you build authority with customers by giving them truly valid, educational information, and generate organic links for search engine rankings. A Website Grader can suggest how to set one up.

  • An RSS feed will boost traffic, too

Make it easy for your readers to find you every day. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, alerts your readers as soon as you publish a new blog post. You can syndicate automatically, so that readers don’t have to come to you to read it. A website grader can show you how to make the best use of RSS for your readers’ convenience.

  • If you don’t use marketing automation, it’s time to do so

Don’t try to automate the delivery of emails or other communications that haven’t been solicited by Prospects, but do use marketing automation accordingly to nurture Prospects that have opted in to receive more information; customize communications to Prospects, and improve the quality of your Leads so that more become customers.

  • Analytics help you measure and improve your marketing efforts

With analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, figure out what’s working and what needs to improve or be tossed. One of the key metrics the website grader gives you is the effectiveness of each of your keywords. Which ones facilitate click-throughs, and which don’t? You can also use your keyword data to see what your customers are looking for, what they’re struggling with, and what the competition’s priorities are in relation to your own.

  • Page titles on your site should NOT have your business name in them

Sounds counterintuitive, right? But in fact, 60% of organic links go to the top three organic search results ? none of which are likely to have your business name in them. Because of that, you need to optimize those page titles and your meta data to match with organic search results.

  • Page descriptions should be unique

Bland and boring page descriptions aren’t likely to compel search engine users to click your website link in search engine results ? if they get to it at all. Write your page descriptions as you would any sales copy ? make them compelling enough to grab users’ attention so that they’ll want to find out more.

All this talk of website grader and you haven’t done it yet? Get your grade and a full report here:

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