Website Grader Reveals Why A Good Website is the Foundation of A Business

Use the Website Grader to Gain a Competitive Edge

competitive advantage website grader– According to Netcraft, an estimated 861,379,152 sites are indexed on the web. That?s a great number of pages clamoring for the attention of your readers and your Customers. Clearly, you must use the tools available to your advantage to get your website ahead in search engine rankings. The future of your business depends on it.

The goal isn?t just to rank well, though. The goal is to reach a wide, interested audience that values what you have to say and what you have to offer. The Website Grader is an easy-to-use, practical tool that provides a snapshot of how you?re doing and where you can improve in your efforts to reach your intended audience.

The Value of Blogging

When using the Website Grader, you?ll find a section reviewing your blogging efforts at the very top of the report. Why? Blogging is the easiest and most popular way to provide fresh content. Blogs have a shareability factor that you can?t get with a regular website.

In fact, according to the website grader, companies that blog get 55% more web traffic than those who don?t. It?s not enough to have a blog; your Visitors need a way to access and share your content with minimal effort. Start by:

  • Creating an RSS feed and email subscription option to which your readers can subscribe
  • Putting a link to your blog on the home page of your Company?s website.
  • Adding the most popular social sharing buttons to each post.
  • Adding your own social connections to allow your Customers to connect with you on all their favorite networks.

If you?re confused about how to do some of these things, the website grader provides educational links to quality resources to teach you how.

The Power of the People

Social media is an important part of search engine optimization today. The social signals ? engagement, linked content, backlinks and mentions ? are more valuable than ever after Google?s Penguin updates during the last couple of years.

One word can quickly sum up why social media is important in your business?s web efforts: authority. All those signals measure how authoritative your website is against comparable sites. The Website Grader offers tips on setting up essential social media accounts and linking to them from your site for best results.

Other SEO Best Practices

Experts who have claimed that SEO is dead are clearly wrong. Although social signals and content play vital roles in a site?s search engine performance, some SEO practices are essential to getting traffic and successful Conversion.

Adding alt tags to images, for example, increases your visibility in the search engines, particularly in searches for images. Unique page descriptions, too, are a great place to compel Visitors to click on your link. Backlinks are still incredibly valuable in the competitive online environment. The more authoritative pages that link to your site naturally, the better.

Go Mobile

The Website Grader stresses the importance of having a mobile site, and rightly so. According to Digby, 56% of American adults have smartphones, and mobile sales are expected to reach $23.8 billion by 2015. If your site doesn?t have a mobile version or responsive design, you?re going to get left behind as your competitors happily provide these tools for your Customers.

The Website Grader goes in depth as to why a mobile site is important and how to begin working toward mobile marketing.

To see how your business website stacks up, click here to use the Website Grader and find out where you can improve:

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