Website Grader: Ways to Check Your Website SEO

Website Grader and SEO

– A website is only a preliminary step in creating an online footprint. In fact, creating a website alone does very little to ensure your business is getting the proper attention it deserves.

Everyday business owners check the analytics of their website to see that they’ve garnered very few new hits. They leave the computer dejected and unsure about how to make their website truly work for them.

One way to assess areas of weakness is through a website grader. A website grader scans your website to see how well optimized the site is for:

  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • SEO (the topic today)
  • Lead-gen
  • Mobile optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

eyes website grader

SEO enhances visibility and a website grader enhances SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring your website gains traffic through organic or natural searches by creating content that has strong keyword densities.

Everyday bots from search engines pour over millions of websites and check their content. The content is then used to return appropriate results.

Search engine optimization, in short, is what will help your website perform well, or force your website to perform poorly. If SEO is not properly completed the website can languish on the 12th page of a search engine’s results, never to be seen by the human eyes.

If no one sees the site, it can not possibly be a success.

Why is SEO Important?

Natural, or organic traffic is important to the health and well being of any website, whether it is a site about cooking or construction equipment. The majority of traffic coming to a website should be organic, as it is natural traffic, and it can help to better the website’s page rank, and it is more likely to be shared with others this way.

However, a website is unlikely to be seen organically if the SEO is poorly constructed.

The majority of people who search for a keyword never leave the first page of results. In fact, recent data has found that 75% of all web searchers never leave the first page of results, and 80% of clicks on any website are because of organic traffic.

With this in mind, you can see why it is so important to have solid SEO practices. The better your SEO practices, the better your rank on search engine results, and thus, the more likely you are to receive organic clicks.

Learning about and assessing your SEO performance can be as simple as using a website grader.

How Does a Website Grader Help

When you choose to use a website grader you are ensuring that your SEO and keyword density are the best they can be.

If a website grader returns low results you’ll know it is time to rework the SEO on your website, or to hire a new firm who has a better understanding of SEO.

Even if a website grader offers a solid mark, website grader programs can also help you maximize keyword density and page rank. In short, the more you know the better off you are in the world of search engine optimization. The more knowledge you gain from a website grader the more you can hone your SEO practices and strategies for a more successful website.

Grade your website for free:

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