Website Grader: Why You Should Get Your Website Graded

Grades Aren’t Just For Report Cards

web grader– You have a website and you know that it is one of the first lines of marketing, but it also feels like a drop of water in the ocean. You might be asking yourself how you can make your website stand out, whether or not you need a completely new website or if it just needs a couple minor tweaks like color palette changes, or even some better content.

These questions are all answered in the first step of an Inbound Marketing Campaign with a website grader. The website grader does exactly what it sounds like: assesses your website and all of the pages and grades them on a one hundred point scale to see where each page ranks and what can be done to improve any or all of your pages.

Website Grader and Inbound Traffic

Without a website grader, trying to figure out how to attract more traffic to your website is a bit of a roll of the dice. Sure, there are proven solutions and things that just about anyone who knows what they are looking for can improve, but what about all of the hidden, behind the scenes coding in your website?

A website grader catches all of those things, the missing meta descriptions, the pages with little or not content, and the pictures missing tags. All of these things are crucially important to making your website and each page optimized for Inbound Marketing, and all of these things can slip by the wayside without a careful check. A website grader also saves you time and money since it reduces the amount of man hours spent in diagnosis and moves them all to repair.

web graderThe Gaps

Top of Funnel Gaps

These are the gaps that the website grader will find at the widest end of your Inbound Marketing funnel. Is your website even reaching people, or is it reaching the wrong people, or is it reaching the right people and there are other issues?

The top of the funnel is crucial for gaining Leads since this is the pool where your leads come from, but even more important is finding out whether or not your website is even catering to the correct Prospects or not. A website grader does exactly that by showing you where your website is coming up short and what can be done about it.

Middle of Funnel Gaps

Prospects have landed on your sight, but like a slow day of fishing, no one seems to be buying your product. Why not? The website grader will again expose any holes that are stopping Leads from purchasing your product. These holes could be as easy as installing a more prominent link or button on a page?or employing a Call-To-Action at the end of your content pages.

This is another crucial step in having a website as part of your Marketing Strategy, and the website grader can point out the gaps in your website where Visitors are having trouble and Prospects are falling short of becoming Leads.

Bottom of Funnel Gaps

Your website has generated a Lead out of a Visitor or a Prospect, but for some reason the Leads never seem to become Customers, and that is killing your bottom line.

The first step in any Content Marketing Strategy is figuring out how to turn Prospects into Leads and Leads into Customers, otherwise, where would your income come from? The website grader finds out what is stopping Leads from becoming Customers in the same way it shows you why Prospects are not becoming leads. A website grader is an essential marketing tool.

Get your website graded today:

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