Website Review: 5 Signs Your Website is Old

A Quick Website Review Can Tell You If Your Website Is Over the Hill

Is your website old? One of the factors that can affect your rank in the search engines is the age of your site. Here are five signs that it’s time for a website review because your website is old.

1. Your Website Is at Least Three Years Old

Search engines like new, fresh websites. The search engine algorithms reward sites offering up-to-date information to users. If your site is over three years old, the search engines may penalize it.

Also, website building technologies change regularly. A three-year-old or older website may be using outdated technology that does not jive well with the latest browser updates or work well with mobile technology.Website Review

2. Your Site Isn’t Responsive or Loads Too Slowly

How fast does your site load? Every second of loading time can translate into a 7 percent drop in conversions. Internet users are impatient, and they will abandon a site that does not load in a timely manner. If your site is old, it may struggle to load quickly.

Loading quickly on a computer is just the first step. You also need to consider how responsive your site is. How does your site respond when opened on a mobile device? Having a responsive website that responds to different devices ensures you can always reach your target market, no matter what device they are using to access your site, but old sites do not have this capability.

3. Your Site Opens a Flash Presentation, Video or Music

Four or five years ago, the latest hook to get people to stay on your site was to have a video or music start the moment the site opened. This showed your site was cutting-edge and got the attention of the visitor. Not anymore.

If your site has a flash animation, video or music that plays automatically, you will see more of your visitors click the back button and find someone else for their needs. Why? Because people want the information they have come to find, may be? browsing the site at work and simply do not have the time to listen to music or view your video. It serves as a distraction, rather than an asset.

4. Your Site Has an Animation Inviting People to “Enter Site”

Remember your impatient internet user? That same impatient user does not want a welcome animation and an invitation to enter your site. He wants to click the link to your site and land on your home page. This trend is very outdated and instantly dates your website in a negative way. It is a sure sign you are in need of a website review.

5. You Can’t Update Content

Not only is a new site important for your search engine ranking, but new content on your new site is equally important. Google and the other search engines need fresh content to crawl. Does your site allow you to add it? If not, it’s time to make a change, which starts with a full website review.

If you feel that your site is in need of a website review, consider singing up for an Inbound Marketing Assessment. This free survey will show you the gaps in your digital marketing plan, including your website, so you will have actionable advice to use to make changes across your organization. The Inbound Marketing Assessment takes just a few moments and will give you specific areas of change to consider. Let it help you make informed decisions as you work to improve the future of your digital marketing efforts.


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