Website Review Checklist: What Does a Moz Score Tell Me?

The Scoop on Moz Score from your Website Review Checklist

Despite the proliferation of search signals these days, there are only a few that are very relevant to accurately gauging the popularity and effectiveness of your website. Obviously, there?s Google?s own Pagerank. Alexa rank ? by e-commerce giant Amazon ? is another one, and the highly-respected SEO expert website employs MozRank. In fact, out of all of the choices, MozRank might be the most comprehensive for helping you determine a website?s authority, and features very strongly on any website review checklist.

The Basics: How Does Moz Score Work?

A website?s MozRank is fairly straightforward; it simply refers to the popularity of that particular Web page as compared to other Web pages on the Internet. This popularity is determined by backlinks ? but not just any backlinks. You must have quality backlinks to obtain a high MozRank, which is similar to Google Pagerank in that it ranges from 0 to a score of 10. The utility of MozRank on your website review checklist stems from its transparency; many of the factors that go into increasing Google Pagerank are still somewhat obscure ? but MozRank factors are based entirely on link popularity.

How Do You Improve Your MozRank?

With MozRank, it?s all about quality. A significant improvement to your MozRank just takes a few backlinks from very popular websites. Alternatively, (better to do it in conjunction with, of course) you can also get many links from average sites. These are moderately-popular websites with a MozRank of about 3 or even 4.

It?s a good measure of the popularity of your own digital marketing program, and will tell you if your link-hunting campaign is bearing fruit. Obviously, inbound marketing uses content as the premier way to encourage the external links you?ll need to increase the profile of your website across all the ranking metrics, but you should also approach websites with guest content.

MozRank Contributors

website review checklist mozMozRank simply wouldn?t work to convey quality if all links were counted the same.? If so, a content farm could simply gather a bunch of backlinks from low-quality websites and outrank even the most engaging content that has just a handful of links. The more links a Web page has, the less (by a tiny amount) value the other links have when a new one is made.

With this said, your website review checklist should include trying to get as many good links as you can ? the ultimate result is an overall rise in MozRank. Both internal links and external links count towards the website metric, so your website should have a good internal link architecture, hyper-linking relevant pages to each other, as well as the vote of confidence conferred by external hyperlinks.

In sum, MozRank is a website measurement system that?s based on quality references. It?s calculated for both your root domain and the subfolders/pages of your website, and gives a visitor an idea of the engagement your content conveys. When you have really authoritative content, high-value sites will refer visitors to it by linking to that page, which raises your MozRank. The best results are derived from multiple sites linking to yours, because an aspect of Google?s own Pagerank employs similar techniques. ??Your site will also rise through the search engine results pages and garner even more quality links.

Making Your Site Competitive

The Web is a rich place these days, which makes it competitive for businesses looking to offer their services. To find out how your website stacks up against the competition, take the free Inbound Marketing Assessment here ? it will also show you where you need to improve.

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