Website Review Evaluation: What Does an Alexa Score Tell Me?

Alexa Score for your Website Review?Evaluation

One of the most closely-followed website review evaluation metrics online is the Alexa ranking. It differs from Google?s Pagerank in that the lower the score, the better ? in fact, Google has the very best Alexa rank of 1. A brand new website without any visitors can have an Alexa in the tens-of-millions, but this can drop quickly to single digit millions with some content and some traffic.

website review evaluation alexiaWho Owns the Alexa Metric

Clearly, then, Alexa score evaluates websites based on popularity ? which, itself, is a direct measurement of traffic streams. Any website review evaluation worth the name will take this metric into account. It?s such a powerful and standard metric, that e-commerce giant Amazon?bought Alexa shortly after it became very popular among webmasters.

Keep in mind that, although there are many millions of websites, Alexa rank really focuses on the top 100,000; if you can optimize your website to get to that level, then the amount of qualified traffic you are receiving beats out 99% of all other websites on Earth.

How Can You Increase Your Alexa Ranking

There are several ways to increase your Alexa rank; although organic traffic is the most consistent and reliable. This is obtained, of course, through inbound marketing ? which drives targeted visitors to your website based on keywords and content. But there are several things you can do to give your blog posts a jump-start:

  1. Craft content centered on Alexa rank. This helps the search engines discover your Web pages and associate it with the relevant keywords, which pushes you up the search engine results pages. This, in turn, gets you more traffic, which drives down your score.
  2. Make sure your inbound marketing consists of top-notch, useful content; this helps every single metric used to positively affect your website ? especially Alexa, Pagerank and MozRank. As you well know, the backlinks that you build with good content will positively affect your ranking.
  3. Social signals are becoming increasingly important to all aspects of the Internet. Share your posts on relevant social networks for elevated engagement. Your better ones always have the chance to go viral, which means a significantly improved Alexa score.
  4. Use Amazon?s own resources. For example, the Alexa toolbar is said to improve a website?s score, because it is usually used by knowledgeable webmasters whose visits will confer value to your website.

As the quality content you provide bolsters your web presence, the increasing traffic will be reflected as your Alexa ranking drops down to the landmark millionth, after which the website starts to become valuable to advertisers. They may even approach you with promotional offers; monthly payments to host their banners on your landing pages. Although this is fairly common, Google Adsense is an option that works with any Alexa value ? but, of course, you will see your ad impressions increase significantly as your Alexa continues to improve (decrease in number).

An Inbound Marketing Assessment Will Explain Your Alexa Score

Learning how your Alexa score stacks up against similar websites in the same general industry can really help your marketing plan. Not only that, but the assessment pinpoints the most important aspects of your site that could use some help, pointing you in the right direction to obtain more qualified traffic and leads. Best of all, the website review evaluation is free ? go here for more information.

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