Website Review SEO: The Reason You Can?t Monetize Your Website

Less than a decade ago, the primary method of website review SEO used to monetize a website was Google Adsense. With the increasing effectiveness of Adwords, however, advertisers seem to be paying less for ads through Adsense, and website owners are looking for additional ways to increase their income.

Ads Can Spell Trouble

Website review seoFor too many websites these days, the sheer number of ad types can be a problem. Webmasters employ pop-ups, redirects, Flash banners, and more to get the attention of the viewer. ?This has led to the general public getting tired of most of these tactics. As a result, your traffic may be navigating away from your Web pages precisely because of the forcefulness of your monetization efforts. A general rule for a successful website is to never lose sight of your duty to inform before you convert ? the former leads directly to the latter.

If you?re using videos that play as soon as traffic lands on your site, JavaScript messages and advertisements arise unbidden. Chances are, your visitors are becoming frustrated and leaving as quickly as they arrive. Inundating them with product announcements is simply not a good way to monetize your site these days, and a website review SEO program will show very high bounce rates as traffic all but avoids your pages.

Monetization Methods that Work Without Being Intrusive

One viable alternative to unobtrusive website monetization is through subscriptions. Instead of flooding your website with advertisements, give your traffic two options: free traffic receives a fair amount of advertisements, whereas paid subscription holders can navigate the content without running into ads. Of course, in order to incentivize your content to the extent where paid subscriptions are warranted, your content must be very good ? otherwise, why would anyone pay to read it?

Another monetization method is as old as the web itself. Simply put; forego the bulk of advertisements and just write content purely for the reader. Make sure you conduct keyword research and address every customer need better than your competitors. If you can manage that, and then place a call-to-action at the conclusion of your content, then you raise your profile drastically and conversions are sure to follow. Don?t sell; inform ? and buying will happen naturally. Your conversions stand a much greater chance of being lifetime customers in this scenario.

Yet another website review SEO technique for monetization actually comes in the form of off-site content: write informative eBooks. This just goes the extra yard in positioning yourself as a thought-leader within your industry ? you?re essentially converting customers without pitching sales to them at all. A well-written eBook tends to lead them to your actual website for more information.? Although it?s sometimes characterized as an off-site form of marketing, it?s just as useful to make the download available directly from your website for even greater conversions.

What if you could use present markers in your current website to determine the best possible route for your marketing program? Well, that?s what website review SEO is all about, and where the free Inbound Marketing Assessment comes in. It will tell you the best course of action for your landing pages, enabling you to corral greater streams of qualified traffic for your long-tail keywords and the attached services. Take the Inbound Marketing Assessment here ? remember, it?s completely free.

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