Website Review Service: Are You Addicted to PPC?

Breaking the PPC Habit with Website Review Service

Inbound marketing success relies on traffic and a strong conversion strategy. If your website isn?t found online, then it?s pointless. Enter Pay Per Click advertising. Since its inception in 2001, Google AdWords has been driving traffic and generating leads for?businesses across the web.

website review service ppcGoogle AdWords started as an inexpensive way?to target your online advertising. For a reasonable price of between 15 and 25 cents per click, Adwords could grow your website traffic, and it was an effective way to generate qualified leads. It still is. AdWords is easy to use and effective at driving traffic and generating leads even today. The difference is that it is?way more expensive today.

As the space matured, competition has driven the price for effective keywords and phrases ever higher and the PPC world has changed. Google has competition from a number of products offered by competing search engines like Yahoo?and Bing.? In addition, today?you don?t just have search ads. Google offers native ads that mimic search, remarketing display ads and?mobile ads. Then consider new avenues like Facebook,?Twitter sponsored ads and tweets,?and LinkedIn ads, and you begin to understand how crowded the space has become.

Still, many business owners and CMO?s almost obsessively stick with PPC ads. Businesses continue to focus their online budgets on PPC as the first option for increasing traffic, user engagement, and lead generation. The fact is, consumers are looking for a unique user experience both online and increasingly, in the mobile space. To determine where you stand in terms of your user experience, consider working with a website review service.

A Changing Landscape Requires a New Approach

CMO’s and business owners?find themselves addicted to PPC advertising because it has always worked well in the past. But the landscape has changed. Consumers today are using the Internet differently. It?s important to curb the addiction to PPC and focus on other, more effective methods and techniques for driving traffic and providing visitors with a unified?experience across all formats and devices.

Understand that PPC is still a viable and?important component of a well-integrated online marketing strategy. But it?s important to shift your focus, and budget, onto other avenues as well. We?ve all heard that content is king. Optimizing content for SEO and creating a strong and personalized user experience?are effective drivers of traffic and can increase conversion rates significantly.

Consider taking a portion of your budget and hiring a website review service to undertake a comprehensive unbiased look at the user experience on your site. One?key to success in today?s changing landscape is to provide a unique and relevant user experience first. You need to make every page within your website or mobile site optimized and personalized for the traffic you are driving to your site. A comprehensive evaluation by a website review service can uncover deficiencies in your approach. For example, if your traffic is sourcing from Facebook, you should use that information to create a highly personal, intuitive, and relevant experience for those users.

The reality online today is that?consumers reign supreme. If your PPC ads are driving traffic to a website that isn?t delivering the personalized experience, engagement, and relevance users have come to expect, they will not engage, convert, or buy.? There are many opportunities online for brands to connect, engage and interact with consumers?and convert them into loyal advocates and users of your brand. It?s time to break the PPC addiction and shift the?focus to?creating a unified experience across all delivery channels and devices in order to engage, convert and sell.

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