Website Review Service: What Types of Content Work Best on Social?

Website Review Service and Social Media

Social media success requires much more than placing share buttons on your website and posting content to various social networking sites. When you post content to a social platform, the competition is heavy. Twitter alone sees an average of 500 million tweets per day.

An effective social media strategy requires an understanding of the best platforms for your business, the best times of day and days of the week to share content, and?above all?the most effective types of content to share.

website review service social mediaThe Basics of Strong Social Media Content

You may already know the basics. For example, you?ve probably heard that visual content does better in social media than text-heavy content. Infographics are shared twice as often as presentations and three times as often as documents on popular social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. On Slideshare, the difference is even more dramatic: Infographics are ?liked? 23 times as often as documents.

The preference for visuals holds true across social platforms. For example, a small study conducted by Buffer revealed that Tweets with images were favorited 89% more and retweeted 150% more often than those without. Even on LinkedIn, which is a more business-focused social network, images in posts resulted in 98% more comments and linking to YouTube videos netted users a 75% increase in shares.

Digging Deeper into Social Success

The fundamentals discussed above are useful, but only the beginning. True social content optimization requires more in-depth information. Fortunately, the detailed information you need is now available. Fractl and BuzzStream partnered in 2014 to conduct a 6-month analysis of more than 200,000 articles. Each of these articles was assigned to one of five categories, then the ?social traction? of each category was determined based on the number of shares that type of content received. Here?s how it broke down:

  • Lists: 22.45%
  • ?Why? Articles: 22.32%
  • Videos: 18.94%
  • ?How-to? Articles: 18.42%
  • ?What? Articles: 17.88%

It?s no surprise that lists lead the pack, with their readability and inviting format. It may be less intuitive that ?why? articles would come in ahead of videos, which conventional wisdom tells us audiences love. This sort of unexpected twist explains why companies that rely on data rather than instinct have the edge.

Social Site Selection

For best results, you?ll share content to multiple social networking sites. Still, it?s useful to understand the demographics and specific focuses of each platform. ?Last year, ?Add This? reviewed the most popular content on several social networking sites, and discovered these trends:

  • Twitter: business articles, breaking news, and social awareness
  • Pinterest: recipes, fashion trends, DIY outdoor projects, and home improvement
  • LinkedIn: industry news, technology, the environment, and real estate
  • Google+: coupons, deals, celebrity news, and sports

Of course, sharing the most powerful content to the right networks requires targeted content creation. And, driving traffic to your website via social media is just one aspect of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Integrate your marketing plan and improve conversions?our free website review service will show you how.

Ready to Increase Conversions?

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