Website Review Tool: Does #1 Or #2 Get in a Google SERP?

Website Review Tool and Google SERP

With more than 1 billion different users conducting Google searches every month, the importance of moving your business onto the first page of results is indisputable. A 2013 Chitika Insights report revealed that 91.5% of all Google searches end on the first page of results. That means companies first appearing on the second page are seen by just 8.5% of searchers. The drop-off is even more dramatic after the second page. By the fourth page, less than one-half of one percent of search users will see your listing.

First Page Google Search Rankings

Website Review Tool SERPClearly, making it to the first page plays a key role in online marketing success. But, your work isn?t done when you cross the line and make it to the bottom of the page. The difference between appearing at the top of the first page and the bottom of the first page is nearly as dramatic as the difference between page one and page two. Even among the top three slots, position matters.

The same study referenced above analyzed click-through data by position and determined that:

  • The top three positions on the first page of search results capture 61.5% of all clicks;
  • Nearly one-third (32.5%) of those clicks go to the number one position;
  • The second and third positions combined net 29% of clicks (17.6% and 11.4% respectively);
  • The number ten slot captures only 2.4% of clicks; and
  • By position 11, click through rate drops to 1% or lower.

Imagine that you?re ranked on the first page for a relevant term that draws about 1,000 searchers per month. Based on the percentages above, here?s what you could expect in terms of traffic:

First position: ????????????????325 prospects visiting your site

Second Position: ? ? ? ? ???176 prospects visiting your site

Third Position: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?114 prospects visiting your site

Tenth Position:???????????????? 24 prospects visiting your site

Eleventh Position: ? ? ? ?? ? 10 prospects visiting your site

In short, though any placement on the first page of search results is better than a second-page result, you can?t afford to settle.

Paying for Placement

While AdWords can be an advantageous supplement to your organic search rankings, paid listings are most popular among purchase-oriented searchers. For top of the funnel terms, sponsored links draw far fewer clicks: between 6% and 10%, depending on the study parameters. For most terms, the key to drawing prospects lies in top organic search placement.

Making the Most of Your Search Rankings

Of course, optimizing your content, boosting your search placement, and drawing visitors to your website is just the beginning. Top search placement isn?t an end in itself, but a tool for moving prospects into your sales funnel. Your inbound marketing plan must integrate search traffic with effective nurturing and conversion methods. ?We can help!

Complete our website review survey for a free inbound marketing assessment. We?ll provide a detailed report on your current inbound marketing efforts and suggestions for closing any gaps and optimizing your comprehensive approach to inbound marketing. The website review survey takes just a few minutes to complete. Get started now!

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