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Website Sucks? Hire a Content Marketing Firm

Content Marketing Firm Announces Free Website Builds!

Website Suck? Get a $40,000 Website Built for FREE.

The first question businesses usually ask a?Content Marketing Firm? when they want to increase Internet Sales is:

?Can?t I just use my old website??

The correct Content Marketing Firm answer is ??NO!??

The often quoted definition of insanity applies:

?Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.?

Hire a Content Marketing Firm

Insanity:Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Expecting Different Results

Your website sucks, Man!? What part of the 90?s is it from?? Do you really expect to turn visitors into customers with that thing?? How would you like a new Conversion Machine Website for FREE!

Any good content marketing firm knows the traditional header menu home page designed for ?pretty??doesn’t?cut it anymore.? ?Content is King? and so it has to be relevant to the visitors to your site.

What Visitors?


The first thing your site must do is ?Attract? visitors?and the right kind of visitors at that.? What good does it do to have people coming to your site that are never going to become customers?

Where?s the Freaking Conversion, Man?

Now you?re supposed to ask, ?What do you mean by conversion??

Thought you?d never ask?

Conversion is the process of:

A) Attracting qualified site Visitors interested in your products and services.

B) Nurturing Visitors through a systematically designed information by using relevant contextual content to get them to take action toward the ultimate goal of making a decision to buy.

C) A mutual exchange of something of Value between Visitor and You.?

A conversion could be the exchange of an email address for a download of an interesting e-book.? It may be a submission for a free product trial. Or, it could be a form submission for an initial consultation, participation in a survey or a comment on a blog.

Conversions for B2B occurs when a Market Qualified Lead passes from Marketing to Sales. A conversion for an e-commerce site would be a purchase. That is the ultimate conversion.

Things Your Content Marketing Firm Should Tell You:

There are some things you need to know about setting up that Conversion Machine Website. Your old site just won?t cut it.? You have about 15 seconds to capture the interest of a visitor.? That?s about how long it takes to read the paragraph before this one about Conversion.? After that people either are convinced they won?t find what they?re looking for, or get frustrated and leave?what we call ?bounce.?

Bouncing is bad.? You don?t want bounces. Here?s how to stop bounces:

  • Above the Fold Real Estate-Make sure you use it wisely-
  • Limited Options-Too many choices is frustrating
  • Confirmation-Let ?em know they?re in the right place
  • CTA Above the Fold– A Call-To-Action that is relevant to the visitor
  • Relevant Content-You have to provide real valuable information
  • USP– That Unique Selling Proposition has to be Page One.
  • Visitor Targeted-Write your content to match the visitor, not for Google and not for you.

So, do you get the idea? It takes a little bit of effort to wrap your head around this stuff. If you got lost along the way, you could probably benefit from hiring a Content Marketing Firm.

If you take this free 10-minute survey to find out whether your website really sucks, we?ll build you a new $40,000 Conversion Machine for FREE!

Oh, and by the way

April Fools.

But we do have a free Website Grader and Inbound Marketing Assessment.

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