website grader

What A Website Grader Discovers

No website is perfect. A Website Grader knows.

website Grader

the Internet Is Constantly Evolving

– The Internet is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of posting a website only to tweak or update on an annual basis. ?The Internet and its Users demand website owners and businesses to adapt along with it.

But how do you identify key areas of website performance?

Inbound marketing is an essential element for every marketing campaign online because it is at the forefront of lead generation across all industries. Every web presence, regardless of niche or industry, can benefit from what inbound marketing has to offer. Creating the right level of website performance is essential to benefiting from these Inbound Marketing Techniques.

The Statistics are Consistent

Inbound Marketing is now an essential component of every business’ successful online marketing plan.

  • On average, Inbound leads are costing website owners 61 percent less?than outbound leads.
  • Small businesses are spending as much as 43 percent of their budgets on Inbound Marketing and only 14 percent on outbound marketing.
  • Large businesses are devoting 21 percent of their budget on Inbound Marketing and 33 percent on outbound marketing.

Growth of Inbound Marketing

for Your Website Performance

website grader

The Statistics Are Consistent

As Inbound Marketing continues to grow, your website becomes a more essential hub of lead generation and conversion.

  • The average cost per lead for inbound dominated companies is significantly lower in comparison to outbound companies. According to statistics from 2012, the numbers were $135 and $346 per lead respectively.
  • 62 percent of companies are reporting that social media is becoming increasingly important as a source for leads and customers.
  • 70 percent of marketers are reporting that they are blogging weekly at a minimum, and an increasing number of companies is now beginning to utilize social media and blogging as a means to attract brand new traffic.

(All of these statistics are drawn from the “State of Inbound Marketing Report,” published by HubSpot.)

A Website Grader Is Essential

How well is your website accomplishing your internet marketing goals? You may be aware that your company website is not meeting your specific marketing goals without having a solid idea of why. The best way to improve your website performance is to receive invaluable feedback about where you are going right, and where you are going wrong.

The Purpose of a Website Grader is Simple

With internet marketing, internet presence and website performance in mind, a website grader is going to take a look at everything that you have to offer and tell you what is missing. Is your website built in the best possible way to generate conversions for your company? A diagnostic report that lays out your website performance power in detail is the best way to determine exactly where you stand and where you need to go from here to ramp up your capabilities.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business website? How are they affecting your website performance?
  2. How do you stack up against the competition? In what ways are their websites out performing yours?
  3. Where are you missing opportunities for conversions that you could be gaining? How can you improve your website performance accordingly?
  4. How can you make improvements to your website to prevent these losses?

You can improve your conversion rate, thereby increasing the ability for your website to generate traffic that turns into leads and sales. Website marketing is not only about increasing traffic, because the only traffic that matters is those visitors who become conversions.

Learn how to turn visitors into buyers, clients and customers with powerful website performance rating tools. The right tools can help you improve your website performance significantly in no time.

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