What is HubSpot? Attract, Convert and Close

What is HubSpot? How Does HubSpot Help?

-Inbound Marketing consists of strategies designed to build a company?s brand awareness and attract customers. The methods rely on pull techniques, which includes blogs, SEO, events and other tasks to generate Leads. Many experienced Inbound Marketers earn the attention of potential customers by making enterprises easy to find among a sea of competitors using HubSpot software.

What is HubSpot? It’s an all-in-one Inbound Marketing software that makes it easy for companies to achieve their Inbound Marketing objectives and generate inbound Leads.

The application consists of an innovative array of tools for creating more website traffic, educating Visitors, generating Leads and closing sales.

What is HubSpot? | AttentionHubSpot helps attract visitors

Initiating an?Inbound Marketing program by attracting Visitors is a crucial aspect of evaluating what HubSpot is. You must gain the attention of potential Customers online. Strategies focus on attracting potential Customers to your brand and website. Blogs offer a proven tactic for attracting new Visitors to your website.

Frequent blogs help you become a thought leader in your respective industry by providing answers to visitors’ basic questions and needs.

Convert visitors into leads

Now, you must convert those Visitors into quality Leads by strategically using a variety of tools designed to collect their contact information?their email address at the very least. Marketers use a tactic known as a ?call-to-action? (CTA). ?To get Visitors to respond to CTAs, they offer each persona appealing and valuable Content, such as free eBooks, whitepapers, case studies and tip sheets.

Here are some of the conversion tools that further clarify the question: “what is HubSpot”?

????????? Calls-to-Action– CTAs consist of multiple and appealing links or buttons that entice your visitors to take the action you desire, such as ?Download an eBook? or ?Attend a Free Webinar.? You need multiple and appealing CTAs to generate leads.

????????? Landing Pages– When visitors click on the call-to-action, they are automatically directed to a landing page. It has an optimized form that is easy for the visitor to fill out and submit. The person receives the offer and officially becomes a ?lead.?

????????? Contacts– Leads are tracked in the centralized database regardless of the channel–landing page, email, social media or other method.

The Lead capture tools helps you build relationships that translate into customers who discover that they want what you have.

What is HubSpot?What Is HubSpot? Closing the deal

Not all Leads are ready to make a purchase when they respond to your call-to-action and download the valuable content. Turning Leads into sales is a critical element. The software addresses this challenge with the following tools for supporting lead nurturing campaigns:

????????? Lead Scoring– This feature assigns a numerical representation to a person to help determine their ?readiness? to buy your product or service.

????????? Targeted email– A series of targeted emails that contains relevant content, which is used to educate and build trust with a Prospect, which help the person buy (from you) when they are ready.

????????? Marketing Automation– Target your email marketing and lead nurturing campaign to the needs and life-cycle stage of each lead. For example, if a person downloaded a case study on a particular topic or follows you on Facebook, send that prospect a series of related emails to reflect those different interests.

The analytic capabilities provides the proverbial “icing on the cake”? when defining HubSpot.

Combined with your Customer Relationship Management system, HubSpot helps you manage, evaluate and measure the success of your marketing efforts.?You will know who visits your site and how often, if they submitted a form and what services or products they are interested in.

If you’re interested in HubSpot:

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