What is HubSpot COS?

What You Need to Know About HubSpot COS

If you?re involved with online marketing, you?re probably aware of HubSpot?s extensive marketing and analytic capabilities. What you may not know is that HubSpot also offers an elegant and flexible content management system called HubSpot COS or “content optimization system.”

HubSpot COS is fully integrated with the entire HubSpot suite of tools. With features like Smart Content, Personalization and Call-To-Action, developers are able to create rich dynamic sites completely manageable within COS.

Building With HubSpot COS

HubSpot COS DemoHubSpot has designed a clean, clear and easy to use interface that makes COS a joy to use. Most content management systems suffer from a complex interface with a myriad of confusing options.? This can create a steep learning curve that can slow down your productivity while you learn. HubSpot?s interface is simple and clear. It shows exactly what you need to complete any given task without lots of confusing choices. HubSpot COS features a wide variety of tools for building, developing, and testing for all levels of technical proficiency, from beginning to advanced programmers. The template builder features two options: Layout Builder and for the more experienced programmer, Code Builder.

Layout builder features a drag and drop interface requiring little knowledge of HTML or CSS. By simply dragging objects, images, and text blocks and dropping them where you want them, COS will write the code for you in the background.? If customization is important, the Code Builder allows you to go ?behind the scenes? to tweak and customize your template files. Once you?ve started building your pages, COS offers plenty of tools for previewing and testing. Template builder allows you to preview the file you?re working on and when editing, view the content at various screen sizes, which is incredibly helpful for responsive design.? Developing email campaigns has always been a pain. HubSpot offers a sophisticated solution with their Email Preview tool.? This tool allows developers to easily test emails in a broad variety of apps and clients.

HubSpot COS offers a solid foundation for building your site. Each template includes CSS as a default as does each module. Using Twitter Bootstrap as its framework, templates developed in Layout Builder are responsive by default and automatically use the grid structure of Bootstrap.

Why COS is Better than CMS?

As users increasingly go mobile, most CMS systems require additional coding to optimize for responsive design. COS offers responsive design as a default.? Because it?s HubSpot, it is fully integrated with all of HubSpot?s other tools to create a powerful suite of development and marketing software. This allows you to give your customers and visitors a seamless experience whether they?re interacting with you through email, social media, or on the web.

COS can also be personalized. Most CMS only offers a static experience regardless of the user?s needs. As the web space becomes more crowded, it?s important to be able to personalize communications to stand out with visitors. Smart content, forms and CTAs enable you to personalize each user experience creating strong brand loyalty. Personalized pages let you meet the needs of each lead, customer and visitor to your website.

Your website is only effective if it can be found online. HubSpot knows this and has included author tags, social media and keyword tools throughout the program. COS is also optimized for the modern rules of search and is regularly updated as algorithms change and evolve.

HubSpot COS offers the next generation of content development and management. If you?d like to learn more, contact us for a free demonstration. We?ll show you how HubSpot will take your online business, blog, or website to the next level!

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