What is HubSpot? Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

What is HubSpot? An Overview of Outbound vs Inbound

HubSpot is the premier marketing software 10,000+ companies in 56 countries have utilized to remarkable ends. Replacing more common, interruptive marketing techniques that drain resources, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing paradigm provides businesses with a pre-packaged, all-in-one, tested and customizable means to increase customer base and profits.

But?what is HubSpot?– really??And how has HubSpot perfected Inbound Marketing in such a way that it enhances any business’ overall marketing efforts and, ultimately, any business’ bottom line?

What is HubSpot??

HubSpot is the world’s #1 Inbound Marketing software platform. HubSpot’s visibility in the marketplace is its own best proof of the strength and possibilities of Inbound Marketing.

HubSpot is on your radar today because the company itself has utilized its own Inbound Marketing techniques to dominate the marketing software game. It is this very successful model HubSpot’s software arms any business with and with which any business can duplicate HubSpot’s phenomenal success.

To understand how this works and to better answer the question ‘What is HubSpot?’, let’s examine Outbound vs Inbound Marketing.

What is HubSpot? Outbound

Most prospects don’t want to be called!

Outbound Marketing

The name of this type of marketing best describes the techniques it entails. This is the traditional, predominant means of marketing that includes broadcasting your sales/promotional message via television, radio, print and even door to door. The central tenet is to actively seek out Customers through somewhat aggressive and engaging advertising.

Though this form of marketing is still very common and has its place, its fiscal drawbacks are occasionally astronomical and the idea of ?recruiting? future Customers costs time and energy.

Also, the nature of outbound marketing means it’s harder to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Consequently, it’s next to impossible to gauge your return on investment (ROI).

What is HubSpt? PuzzleInbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing entails the now famous Inbound Marketing Puzzle, a means by which your business can provoke Customers to seek you out online. The puzzle is not meant to convey a riddle or crossword, so to speak, but a pie whose pieces when assembled in whole make up a complete marketing technique that costs less than outbound marketing, allows you to gauge your ROI, attract people to you and convert them to paying Customers soon after arriving to your website.

The above Puzzle entails a multitude of things, but a few include:

  • Traditional marketing (television/radio/print)
  • Building a website laden with rich, keyword dense content that ranks highly on search engines (SEO)
  • Employing Content Strategies that tie into and enhance your brand/services
  • Composing landing pages that help capture Leads via Calls-To-Action
  • Rolling out email campaigns
  • Remaining active on social media so as to network, build bridges and attract potential Customers among the millions using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Advantage of HubSpot Certified Partner Marketing Consultant

There are a number of marketing agencies that now offer HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing services. Having a website replete with Conversion Architecture and laden with strong SEO content that attracts/converts Customers is quite within reach.

Find out how easy it is to generate more business by simply tweaking your approach to marketing. The missing ingredient in your current marketing equation might be inbound marketing. Do your business a long term favor and investigate today.

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