What is Inbound Marketing? Attracting Customers

The Field of Dreams Offers Insight Toward Answering, What is Inbound Marketing??

What is Inbound Marketing | Build it

If you build it, they will come

-In the classic Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, the notion was established that “if you build it, they will come.” With several inferences toward an inbound marketing strategy, Field of Dreams shared the notion of creating something with the intention of attracting a particular audience. As the premise for any effective inbound marketing strategy, if you offer and create lucrative content, your target audience will undoubtedly come.

What is Inbound Marketing? Versus Outbound Marketing

For several years, businesses actively sent mailers and conducted outbound cold calling to find leads. These tactics are recognized as outbound marketing strategies. In contrast, answering what is inbound marketing entails attracting your target customers to your site with highly informative content.

As a less intrusive and aggressive form of marketing, inbound marketing has been extremely effective since 2006. While inbound marketing begins with the content, your blog, social media pages, and website pages must all be optimized for SEO.

What is Inbound Marketing? Relevance

Simply put, today’s consumers do not want to be interrupted with unwanted advertisements. Instead, consumers would rather search for services or products on the web through their own research. According to a study conducted by Fleishmann-Hillard, 89% of consumers use the information from search engines to help them make a purchasing decision.

As an integral aspect to any inbound marketing campaign, your content is vital to attracting new customers.

What is Inbound Marketing? The Content

Simply put, it all begins with creating lucrative content that your potential customers want to read. The objective is to position your company as the industry leader for authoritative content.

While producing great content is key, the first step in attracting customers is to have optimized content. When creating content, the content should speak directly to a customer persona and answer their specific questions.

When creating the content, it is imperative to use the identical keywords that your potential customers are searching for. In addition for being a basis for the content you create, the keywords will also help your business rank more favorably in SEO rankings.

What is Inbound Marketing? Optimized Content

The importance of optimized and keyword rich content was briefly prefaced in the previous section. Simply put, your content must be optimized so that the great content you create will be easily found by potential customers. With Google’s algorithm becoming more intuitive and more driven by quality content, keywords shouldn’t be stuffed into the content simply to increase the keyword density.

Instead, the keywords should be used naturally with the central focus on providing the user with the best possible experience. Keep in mind, what’s good for the end user is great for Google.

What is Inbound Marketing? Blog

Your company blog is one of the effective tools for offering your audience the content they desire. It is a great practice to publish content to your blog regularly, which will keep your blog relevant and fresh.

By creating superior content, you will increase the likelihood that your content is shared on social media networks

What is Inbound Marketing? Social Media

In the world of social media, sharing is caring. The overall goal is to have your content shared, followed, liked, or retweeted. As an amazing form of content circulation, you can reach audiences that were previously impenetrable.

So, What is Inbound Marketing?

When answering, “what is inbound marketing?”, it becomes clear that it is the most effective strategy for attracting and retaining customers. As the unparalleled solution, inbound marketing works as a self generating machine.

If you build an effective machine, they will come again and again. For more information on inbound marketing, download our ebook:

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