What is Inbound Marketing? Converting Leads

Question of the Day: What is Inbound Marketing?

-Not too long ago, catchy slogans, jingles and incessant advertising was assumed best for capturing Customers’ attention. Traditional Marketing ?(television, radio and the early web) were littered with the results of such marketing schemes. While these techniques are still useful to some degree, marketing has evolved.

The market itself has evolved by leaps and bounds. Businesses wishing to capture customers in the here and now would be wise to employ Inbound Marketing, today’s predominant marketing concept.

You’ve probably heard this term and wondered, ?What is Inbound Marketing??. Coined by Brain Halligan, co-founder of Hubspot, Inbound Marketing enables you to aggressively reel in customers without having to constantly, expensively broadcast your message. The latter is considered outbound marketing, and it is what most of yesteryear’s marketing campaigns consisted of.

What is Inbound Marketing? Quantum Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing | PuzzleThe strength of Inbound Marketing, attested to by countless case studies, rests in the Inbound Marketing Puzzle and the differentiation power it conveys to businesses who utilize it. Inbound Marketing is the vital, missing ingredient that encompasses an overall marketing puzzle, offering any given business the chance to distinguish itself from a pack of competitors within a crowded field.

With Inbound Marketing, a business capitalizes upon the plethora of diverse media that consumers typically access for their information about various subjects.

Inbound marketing thus includes things like whitepapers, eNewsletters, SEO, eBooks, video, podcasts, blogs and social media marketing. Strong content optimized for search engines captures the public’s attention and directs them to your website. Or people see your company name pop up when Twitter recommends accounts they might be interested in. They check out your Twitter account and love what you have to say.

Or they swing by your website after submitting their name and email via your landing page and downloading your newest eBook (prompted by a Call-To-Action). Once at your website, engaging and strong video and other interactive media grabs/keeps their attention.

Before they leave your website, they have been Converted and funneled toward a sale or at the very least toward speaking with a rep who can serve to funnel them down further still.

What is Inbound Marketing? Pick Up or Delivery

To use a food analogy: Outbound marketing would be pictures of delicious food, food you must actively seek out in order to sample. Depending upon the inconvenience, you may or may not wish to bother.

Inbound Marketing is the most compelling, delicious aroma you’ve ever encountered. It beckons you into your kitchen, to a world class celeb chef cooking your supper. Wouldn’t you hurriedly set the table and unfold your napkin? That’s successful Inbound Marketing and its effect upon your potential Customers.

What is Inbound Marketing? Ka-Ching!

Inbound Marketing has several financial benefits. Not only do Companies who employ it see immediate results in terms of sales, but the significantly lower costs of Inbound Marketing automatically increase bottom lines.

For example:

  • Inbound leads costs 61% less per lead than outbound
  • The average cost-per-outbound lead is $346, as opposed to $135 for an inbound lead
  • 92% of Companies who blog multiples times each day have acquired Customers from their blog (which costs nothing to maintain)

The lists goes on and on. Whatever you do, don’t waste time. Your future Customers are waiting to retweet your tweets, comment on your blog, read your eBooks and buy your products?thanks to Inbound Marketing.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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