What is Inbound Marketing: Measuring Attraction

What Is Inbound Marketing and How Do We Monitor Attraction??

what is inbound marketing– Firstly, what is Inbound Marketing??Simply put, Inbound Marketing is a non-disruptive approach that?allows you to deliver your message to your key demographics in a far more natural and effective manner.

What is Inbound Marketing? ? Organic Traffic

The key benefit of Inbound Marketing is that it allows your business to flourish organically, as opposed to forcing your pitch on Prospects. Through a number of techniques revolving around Search Engine Optimization (SEO), customers discover your product by themselves and are thus more inclined to find out more.

In order to use this to maximum effect, it is important that you know exactly which pages are generating this traffic as opposed to simply tallying up the numbers. Once you?ve mapped where everything?s going, you can start to work out why it?s going there and take advantage of the causal links developing.

What is Inbound Marketing? -? Capitalizing on Social Media?

what is inbound marketingThe use of social media to generate interest in businesses is quickly becoming commonplace; making full use of the benefits available isn?t. A vast majority of companies simply monitor their Facebook likes and Twitter followers in order to understand how well their social outreach is working. However, one thousand Facebook friends doesn?t translate into one thousand Leads.

Consider focusing instead on the ?People Talking About This? figure. Rather than only counting your Twitter follows, take a look at how many people are re-tweeting your posts. More often than not, these are the Leads which are boosting your sales figures. Additionally, more people talking means a wider reach, and a wider reach means more people talking. Taking full advantage of this butterfly effect gives you a far more accurate picture than simply monitoring page views.

What is Inbound Marketing? ? Pay Per Click

Although traditionally considered a traditional marketing technique which goes against the mantra of generating organic traffic, the use of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can help leverage a successful Inbound Marketing plan.

Essentially, PPC is an extension of SEO as it is contextual and generates organic traffic for your company. Also, the nature of PPC makes it a fairly easy channel to monitor. Most professional PPC tools will offer a number of metrics to include in your next PPC report, such as Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate.

What is Inbound Marketing? ? Modernising Traditional Methods

Although notoriously difficult to monitor, there are a number of metrics that you can use to understand?your TV or radio?ad?s success. The simplest way?is to?count the increase in ?foot traffic? during the length of time the advertisement is live. Using pre-advertisement figure as a baseline, direct comparisons can be made between channels?in order to optimize strategy for your next campaign. Additionally, consider offering a trackable coupon or questionnaire on your website in order to get direct feedback from your customers.

What is Inbound Marketing? – Profit

“But what is Inbound Marketing doing to increase my profit?” is likely to be the first words out of any executive’s mouth. If SEO, PPC and all of the other acronyms aren’t working to increase your sales, then what use is it?

If you make use of a professional internet marketing agency?then it’s?very easy to monitor the ebb and flow of your capital in order to determine the effect of Inbound Marketing. However, if you don’t then it can be fairly difficult. Make sure to implement one measure at a time in order to test its effectiveness on your profit before you implement any further changes.

What is Inbound Marketing? – Overview

To put it simply, Inbound Marketing is the future of online advertising. With the wealth of opportunities available, business owners and marketing executives are seeing an immediate increase in sales and conversion.

So, the next time you ask “What is Inbound Marketing doing for my business?”, consider monitoring the above metrics more closely, it’s highly likely you will be impressed by the answer!

For additional information on Inbound marketing, download our Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing:

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