What is Inbound Marketing: Measuring Lead Nurturing

What is Inbound Marketing and why does Lead Nurturing Matter?

what is inbound marketing– Inbound Marketing is all about the 4 E’s: Educate, Engage, Encourage, and Embrace. The end goal is to convert potential Leads into loyal and profitable repeat Customers.

Sounds simple enough, but how do you turn potential Leads into repeat Customers? In order to accomplish this and help to answer “What is Inbound Marketing?”, you need to not only learn to nurture leads into sales, but also to effectively implement the strategies needed to do so.

What is Inbound Marketing? Conversion Architecture and Lead Nurturing

What is Inbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing?

A large part of the answer lies in your company’s website. Your website is the public face of your company on the web. As such, it is one of your biggest assets in terms of lead nurturing and conversion. One of the most common mistakes companies (large and small) make is neglecting to take advantage of this. This results in hard-to-navigate websites or sites that fail to engage the customer.

To address these common pitfalls, a design technique known as Website Conversion Architecture can be used to build and design a lead conversion-oriented website.

The three main focuses of Website Conversion Architecture are:

  • Content

  • Call-To-Action

  • User Friendly Design

what is inbound marketingContent is an important element of any website. However, content isn’t simply data or information. Content used to convert and nurture leads needs to be tailored to the audience and demographic you wish to reach.

Furthermore, content is useless without a Call-to-Action. Once you have your potential Lead’s attention, encourage them to take the next step and engage your business for more information regarding your products and services. Finally, perhaps the most important aspect of your website should be a user-friendly design. A poorly designed website with slow loading speeds, difficult navigation, and an unclear focus are an easy way to turn away potential leads. What is Inbound Marketing about? Effective website design.

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Content Strategy and 3-D Content

What is Inbound Marketing? One part of the answer lies in a common marketing saying, Content is King. Without the proper content, your entire Inbound Marketing Strategy will suffer greatly.

Boring, irrelevant, and otherwise bland content serves only to drive customers away. Your content should speak to your customers and keep their attention long enough to turn them into loyal customers.

An Inbound Content Strategy utilizing 3-D Content should be:

  • Written to target key personas

  • Written to showcase how your service or product will benefit your customer

  • Delivered at the right point in the buying cycle

Great content is directed toward the people who are most likely to be interested in and purchase your product or service. Knowing your target’s demographics allows you to create content specially for them. This content doesn’t merely inform the customer, it speaks to them. Secondly, content should be written to showcase how your company can benefit them. How will your company or product serve them? Finally, your content should be delivered to potential leads at the right point in the buying cycle. The buying cycle has four different stages:

  • Researching
  • Shopping
  • Purchase
  • Re-Purchase.

By tailoring your content and delivering it at the appropriate part of the buying cycle, your content becomes much more relevant and effective. What is Inbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing about? Content.

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