What is Inbound Marketing: Measuring Reconversion

What is Inbound Marketing Re-conversion?

what is inbound marketing– It?s the art of nurturing existing clients in order to get them to convert all over again. Retaining old clients is just as important as creating new ones. One of the most important keys to Re-conversion is making sure clients have positive experiences buying from you the first time around through your workflows.

Improving Inbound Marketing Workflows

Just like Leads, workflows also need to be nurtured. Although it may seem easier to create new workflows, it?s more effective to revamp your old ones instead. Old workflows are actually measurable through analytics.

Measuring Reconversion workflows allow you to:

  • Identify Inbound Marketing workflows performing poor, or those that are bringing in the fewest Leads
  • See how many re-qualified Leads you get using Inbound Marketing campaigns to bring back existing Customers
  • Understand which Lead Generation and Lead Re-conversion campaigns have caused existing Customers to return and convert again
  • Figure out where your workflow is actually suffering, so you can use it to reconvert existing Customers
  • Improve your workflow process, making your sales cycle about 23% shorter

What is Inbound Marketing Email Campaigns?

These are emails, also called e-newsletters, used to nurture those already interested in your brand (see Brand Development Strategy), company, products or services. In the case of reconversions, these emails need to target Customers who have already purchased from you before, at some point or another.

Your email work flow should:

  • Send out emails to subscribers
  • Allow users to add and remove themselves from the list(s)
  • Allow users to update their contact information
  • Send out various notifications to subscribers via emails

When Measuring Reconversion for your email campaigns, it?s important to have segmented workflows. This gives you the ability to send out emails based on buyer persona.

For example, you don?t want to send a client a coupon for a product they already own. Instead, you may want to offer this client a discount on a new product for referring a new customer to your site.

Email Re-conversion Tips

Here are some Reconversion tips for email campaigns targeting existing clients:

  • Tailor emails for each buyer persona
  • Send your emails out at the right time
  • Include customized greetings
  • Subject must be attention-grabbing
  • Keep email and landing page designs visually appealing and simple
  • Do they include effective, clear and enticing Calls-To-Action

What is Inbound Marketing Smart Lists?

what is inbound marketingSmart lists allow you to organize your Customers into various groups to help with automating and measuring Re-conversion. Each smart list should include clients based on certain criteria.

For example, one smart list may be for clients who have purchased a specific product, with another designated for those who have ordered a complete package. These are some of the popular uses for smart lists to help you reconvert existing clients:

  • Email Marketing Segmented Lists ? Send out unique emails based on the properties and behavior of each contact. Segmented lists will allow you to manage who gets what emails, and when, no matter how often your subscriber lists change.
  • Lead Rescoring ? What is Inbound Marketing Lead Gen and Lead Re-scoring? It?s a scoring system that qualifies your existing Customers based on actions they?ve already taken. For measuring Reconversion purposes, each score can have its own smart list.
  • Analysis of Lifecycle Stage: Smart Lists allow place your Customers into various groups based on their lifecycle stages. Analyzing your Reconversion workflow will help you develop stage-groups based on the properties and behavior of current clients.

What is Inbound Marketing Lead Re-conversion?

Entice existing customers to revisit your website. Then, re-nurture, reconvert, and eventually, get them to click ?Buy Now? all over again.

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