What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing creates customer conversations on many levels. Ideally those conversations bring in leads that convert to be customers for life.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a System.

So, you’ve been asking yourself, “What is Inbound Marketing?” Inbound Marketing is a conversion system.
It’s a Conversion Machine.

What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing Part 1: Inbound Marketing Attracts

Give Customers What They Want. So the answer to “What is inbound marketing?” is Attraction first and conversion second.

The first law of good Inbound is Attraction. Great SEM & SEO help attract visitors. Your website content should be relevant, timely and well-organized.

What is Inbound Marketing if it does not address the needs of your prospective customers? Nothing.

Inbound Marketing Delivers
Great Content

Good Inbound processes systematically track visitor and customer onsite behaviors. A well-designed Inbound system delivers timely relevant information.

So, ideally, you’re able to deliver WHAT information your prospects and customer want. You then serve up great content WHEN your visitors want it. That’s determined by:

  1. Where the customer is in the purchase funnel.
  2. The Buyer Persona with whom you’re attempting to create a conversation.
  3. The Product/Service/Conversion you’re encouraging the customer to seek.
Inbound Marketing Measures

An effective Inbound Marketing system is a measurement machine.

Start with measurable goals & objectives. Establish success metrics. Then measure for Return-on-Investment.

Measurement with proper intelligent insight means better marketing. Superior marketing equates to better ROI. Implement intelligent Inbound Marketing. Couple it with outbound marketing. Layer upon excellent operations. Success.

Success with Inbound Marketing = Conversions.

Maybe you’re not achieving the desired ROI from your marketing. Perhaps you’re seeking a more sophisticated marketing system. Look deeper look into Inbound Marketing Solutions.

Inbound Marketing Attracts.

What is Inbound Marketing?

How is your organization performing compared to Inbound Marketing Best Practices?

Here are some discovery paths in your new Inbound Marketing journey…

    • Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment
      Objective report. Insight into your Inbound weaknesses and opportunities. Create an Inbound Action Plan. More than a Website Grader. Read more…
    • Website Grader
      Website Grader is an easy way to get a free snapshot of website’s onsite Inbound Marketing performance. Read more…
    • Content Strategy
      Content is King. Do you have a custom, formal written Content Strategy? One based on goals, objectives and budgets, not whim? Read more…
    • Call-to-Action (CTA) Strategy & Map
      Increase conversions. Show customers a simple path to purchase. Discover the power and ROI of a CTA strategy. Read more…
    • Inbound Websites Architecture & Design
      Build a website that is a Conversion Machine. A Conversion Website attracts visitors today who become loyal customers tomorrow. Read more…
    • Content Creation Solutions
      Great companies need great content. Great content’s good for your website visitor. It’s good for Google. So it’s good for YOU! Find help with content creation, download content packages here…

Stop asking. Start doing. Watch the Creating an Inbound Marketing Plan video. Don’t forge to look for our introductory video: “What is Inbound Marketing?” to learn more. 

From Visitor to Customers for Life

As a Paragon Marketing Firm, we operate under the Law of Attraction. Attraction is the apex of the Paragon Principle.

We believe in strategy, long-term relationships and measurable results. Maybe you value these ideals, too.

Does your current advertising agency measure up to Inbound Marketing standards? Probably not.

If you’re ready for positive change, let’s talk. Or, you can learn more from our Inbound Marketing Experts.

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What is Inbound Marketing?