What Your B2B Advertising Agency Doesn’t Know About Inbound

Bet Your B2B Advertising Agency Doesn?t Get It Yet

– Let?s assume for a minute that you are working with a B2B Advertising Agency that is handling your media design, production, placement and other traditional aspects of your marketing effort.? Perhaps they have approached you with ideas for marketing on the Internet such as email or social media or have even been involved in developing your website.

So here?s the bucket of water in your face?

B2B Advertising Agency

So Here’s A Bucket of
Water In Your Face!

If they aren?t a Certified Partner with an Inbound Marketing software service provider such as Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua or Pardot, you have problem.? Even if they have uttered the term ?Inbound Marketing? as a way of describing Internet related marketing, they really ?don?t get it? unless they have made the commitment to ?get it.?

Some B2B Advertising Agencies Pretend to Understand But?

Inbound Marketing is much more than just a scattered array of Internet ideas thrown together to appease a client?s inquiries as to a presence in the e-world.? It is probably the most revolutionary marketing concept to come forth in decades and it requires an expertise that only a trained and certified Inbound Marketing Team can provide. Inbound Marketing is not easy to wrap your head around; however, the concept is so powerfully intriguing that once you DO understand it, you won?t ever look back.

What?s It All About?

If someone asked me to give them one word that is the most important facet of Inbound Marketing, the answer is simple:


A B2B Advertising Agency Must Understand Content.

When an Inbound Marketing agency talks about content they are referring to everything that the target demographic encounters on their journey to become your client.? That is written words, videos, audio, and pictures that they are exposed to in a systematic and highly strategic method of nurturing. The centerpiece of the content offering is a specially designed internet conversion machine that uses a website integrated with content management software to do four things:

  1. Attract – SEO enriched content that confirms your visitor is in the right place with relevant interesting content above the fold and captures their interest.
  2. Convert ? includes a Call-To-Action plan – a natural path of action steps – for the different types of visitors to the website that provides each type of visitor with the information THEY need.
  3. Close ? a CTA strategy that closes the sale, by converting visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers with relevant content and solutions to their problems.
  4. Delight ? a follow-up process to keep your customers so happy they come back again and again and send you new business.

Your B2B Advertising Agency Doesn?t Understand Conversion Conversion is the goal of Inbound Marketing.? The concept is based using SEO Best Practices (Search Engine Optimization) to attract the kind of visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer, then handle them is a very methodical manner so that they are converted into customers.? Done properly over a period of time, it has proven to be one of the most effective ROI marketing techniques to emerge in years.

B2B Advertising Agency

Here’s a Towel
To Dry Off With

Here?s a Towel To Dry Off With?

Traditional interrupt television, radio and print advertising can still play an important role in an Inbound Marketing Strategy, but it all needs to be geared toward the goal of driving the target demographic to the inbound designed website.? During the building process it may be a good idea to consider transferring some of this budget allocation over to more Inbound effective advertising such as PPC (Pay Per Click).? This is something your B2B Advertising Agency may not know.

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know (Is this your B2B Advertising Agency?)

The old adage ?You don?t know what you don?t know? applies to most people who first hear about Inbound Marketing.? To find out what you ?don?t know?? about Inbound Marketing try our free survey and see how your marketing strategy compares to an Inbound Marketing Strategy.

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