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What’s a Website Grader?

The What, How and Why of a Website Grader

A website grader is a software program used to determine whether a website has certain characteristics based on a predetermined set of Inbound Marketing Best Practices. ?It gives you actionable information to improve your website’s performance.

The idea behind using a website grader is to improve your Internet marketing techniques by improving your website. The website grader report identifies deficiencies in the website architecture such as gaps in your customer conversion path.

The criteria for grading the website is based on a group of step-by-step procedures that are used to judge the performance of a website. The criteria used to grade websites may be some of the following but could be different depending on the website grader you use:

website grader

It’s Based On
Step-by-Step Procedures

  • Key words: Are your keywords working for your website? Keywords are used to describe content on a website; they are added subtly into the content and can be found in strategic places of the website. Keywords are of the utmost importance because search engines find websites based on keywords. Keywords can be single words or phrases.
  • Content: Is your content readable? At what level is your content written? Does the content of your website measure up to the level of who you want to attract to your website? Is the content friendly to your product or service?
  • Structure: How well is your website built? How fast does your content load? Does the structure flow like a finely written paper where one paragraph supports the next? Is your structure orderly? Does your structure make sense? Is your structure confusing to the user? Is your website user friendly?
  • Traffic: How much traffic are you attracting to your website? And equally as important, where is this traffic coming from? Are you attracting qualified traffic?
  • Images: Do your website images correspond to your content? Do your images support your content or overpower your content? Images are persuasive when you shop the Internet because unlike brick and mortar stores where you can touch and feel the product, you cannot do that shopping on the Internet. Images sell products and services because we tend to buy what we can see.

The Hubspot website grader examines gaps between your website functionality and the customer purchase funnel.

How does a Website Grader work?

A website grader should not be confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, a website grader can actually give you tips on how to improve your SEO.

Hubspot’s website grader examines gaps between your website functionality and the customer purchase funnel (that’s why we use it!).

While a full-blown assessment may be worth the investment of several thousand dollars, a basic website grader is usually free. And it’s simple.

So, it’s often a good first-step in diagnosing problems (sometimes hidden) with your website. Here’s how:

1. Find a reputable firm that offers an expert review of your website grade, either by phone or in person.

2. Submit your website address (URL) and contact address.

3. Review your report.

Use a professional firm whose experience will provide insight into key performance issues.

website grader

Go To The Head
Of The Class

Why should you use a Website Grader?

Conducting business over the Internet is only as effective as your website positioning because there are literally millions of websites on the Internet. Using a website grader can help you position your website so that it performs at the top of its class.?A website grader can analyze your website and give you a heads up on your website’s strengths and weaknesses. A better website translates into better conversion rates. Go to the head of the class!

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