When Are SEO Companies Good Partners?

Hiring SEO Companies as partners makes good business sense

– If you’ve got an online business and have been trying to do your own search engine optimization (or?SEO) for your website, consider hiring SEO Companies to do the job for you. Doing so relieves you of that responsibility and instead hands it to the experts. Business flourishes because Customers flock to your site, thanks to SEO Best Practices and because you are actually there to serve them, not focused on SEO. Good SEO Companies thus become good “partners.”

When are SEO Companies good partners?

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When you win, your SEO partner wins


  • They DON’T promise “instant” results

This is simply unrealistic, since it takes time to build your both your brand and product or service recognition. SEO Companies that promise otherwise are either dishonest or are engaging in unscrupulous activities like keyword stuffing that don’t work for long and may get you banned from the search engines.

  • They tell you what’s wrong with your site, and then fix it

Good SEO Companies’ detailed?Inbound Marketing Assessment?will determine just how your site falls short. Then, they utilize?Inbound Marketing Solutions?that will correct the shortcomings in your website so that it becomes an asset to you and brings customers to you almost effortlessly.

  • They do everything related to SEO for you

Good SEO Companies don’t just focus on relevant keywords anymore. Inbound Marketing is the name of the game these days, and a good SEO Company will utilize this technique to bring Customers to you.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing attracts Customers to your website; you don’t go out and “get them” through cold calls, advertisements, or any other traditional so-called “outbound marketing” methods. Your Customers come to you.

Inbound Marketing can be broken down into the following steps or stages:

  • Attracting Visitors

SEO Companies do this through Content Marketing techniques like podcasts, videos, newsletters and blog posts. Inbound Marketing works by drawing attention to you, making you visible and easy to find.

  • Converting Visitors to Leads

Good SEO Companies “capture” Visitors’ interest and entice them to learn more with tools like Landing Pages on your site, which offer “free” subscriptions to newsletters, product updates, and informational podcasts. These Leads become a ready audience eager to hear more … and primed to buy.

  • Converting Leads to Sales

Once Leads are on your site, they should be primed already to become Customers. Experienced SEO Companies take advantage of this readiness by using techniques like urgent Calls-to-Action that offer discounts or other perks to entice Customers to buy “now.”

  • Turning one-time Customers into repeat Customers

A business can only be truly successful when it has repeat Customers… and when those repeat Customers bring their friends with them. SEO Companies set your site up for success with repeat Customers and new Conversions, in part thanks to software technologies like Hubspot.

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a tool, Conversion software. It’s used with Inbound Marketing to attract Visitors to your site ? but it goes beyond that. Why? Because you don’t just need Visitors to come to your site. You need those Visitors to become Leads, and then for those Leads to become Customers. Beyond that, you want those Customers to keep coming back to you for their needs ? and to bring their friends with them. Hubspot streamlines the process and helps make that happen.

  • They provide ongoing analysis for continual improvement

Inbound Marketing doesn’t just happen once. It’s an ongoing process that will change and grow with your business. A good SEO partner stays on top of these changes and continues to provide customized?Inbound Marketing Solutions?to keep your business successful.

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