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Why a B2B Advertising Agency is Good for Inbound Marketing

B2B Inbound Marketing – Early Adopters Take the High Ground

?Once you have planted your flag at the top of the hill, it is much harder for your competitors to overcome your advantage.?

B2B Advertising Agency In certain instances the vertical nature of many of industrial B2B (Business-to-Business) markets allows early adopters of Inbound to reach their goals a little easier because there are fewer competitors employing similar tactics.? Often, there is no Inbound Marketing activity at all.? The payoff can be considerable when you are the first to take ownership of the search words and phrases your prospects are using to find out more about you and your industry.

When your agency has a background in B2B marketing concepts, there is a natural progression to Inbound Marketing.? Since there is a higher repeat customer rate in B2B, the investment in Inbound Marketing can have an exponential impact and become a valuable business asset.? If your business is mainly B2B, there?s a distinct advantage to selecting an Inbound Marketing agency that has experience in traditional B2B marketing.? Just be sure they are truly committed to Inbound.? Inbound Marketing is a powerful strategy in the right B2B application, but in order to get optimum results, it still needs time to work.

It?s not a ?Get-Rich-Quick? plan or an ?Overnight Sensation? type of strategy.??

B2B adopters of Inbound Marketing Strategies should not expect instant results and need to manage the expectations within their organization accordingly. ?Most B2B advertising agencies understand the concept of planting medium and long term seeds for client growth because they are used to dealing with long average-purchase timeframes and a larger average sale.? Nurturing is an accepted concept and it is recognized that the selling process will require multiple contacts to move the lead through the sales funnel to a decision.

They are familiar with the process of educating the prospect and understand that business people can have a different set of influences on their decision than do public consumers.? Things such as, ?How will this decision make me look or affect my job?? sometimes become more important than ?Will this solve my company?s problem??? BTB agencies already get this, so when implementing Inbound Marketing Strategies these kinds of things are second nature.

These strategies may include:

Understanding the target prospect?s rational (Personas)

Continual contact (Nurturing)

Target educating of prospect types (Contextual Content)

The Best Kind of Prospects

The good news about Inbound Marketing is that when done properly in a B2B environment, it can generate more of the best kind of leads, prospects and customers than any other kind of ?marketing strategy available.? These are prospects that are really interested in you, your products or your services.? These are prospects that are so highly qualified; you are only spending your valuable time with people who are truly interested in what you have to offer and consequently, people who are more likely to buy.

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