Why a Good SEO Company Goes Deeper Than One Page

?A Good SEO Company Knows SEO Is More Than Just Surface Work

– A nice wham-bam-thank-you-mam fix to your search engine optimization (SEO) might seem nice. That?s just not how it works.

A quick and dirty fix might be okay when you’re making a sandwich…

but when it comes to using SEO as part of your business? Inbound Marketing Strategy, a good SEO Company knows your web presence is about far more than just your home page.

A Good SEO Company Knows Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Admittedly internet marketing is a dynamic science; it is constantly changing. The old “rules” have to be constantly challenged.

But hold the phone…

SEO Company

In recent years there?s been a fad of single page websites that work negatively for SEO. A single page website is kind of like an elevator. Instead of just being redirected to a new page, your Visitors are strategically moved up and down between sections of a single page that scrolls on forever.

For businesses that are focused on a single topic ? you only sell one product or service ? a single page website can be a great option. You give your Visitors and Prospects one thing on which to focus and one clear call to action.

Guess what? That’s what landing pages are for…

However, if your business (like most) doesn’t meet this single service requirement, a single page website is a very bad idea. If you sell more than one kind of hot tub, if you offer more than one kind of legal advice, if you?re presenting more than one product, service or concept ? one page of text will seriously limit how effective your SEO presence is. Duh.

Why? Because good SEO is more than just one page deep. And, a good Inbound Marketing Expert knows this.

A Good SEO Company Optimizes Each Page For One Topic

Search engines crawl your site page by page. They assign a topic to each page, establishing for what search terms that page is relevant. For example, if you?re an eye doctor, you might offer:

  • Eye Exams
  • Glasses
  • Contacts
  • Lasik Surgery

Your SEO Company Targets Each Prospect, Creating a Conversion Machine

While all four of your services may be related, they aren’t all the same and neither are your Prospects. To ensure your website is a Conversion Machine, you need to attract Visitors who are looking for any of these services, not just one of them. To maximize your website?s presence, your Inbound Marketing Firm dedicates an individual page, product funnel and conversion path to each of your services. ?Each of these pages has its own micro SEO strategy.

Your homepage might say a little about everything you do, but the rest of your website should define these topics fully.

What a Good SEO Company Knows About Optimizing Your Site

A Good SEO Company Knows: Valuable, SEO Rich Content, Rules

Value. Value. Value. We talk about it all the time because it?s what matters. Making your content valuable to your Prospects is the single biggest key to improving your SEO rank.

A Good SEO Company Knows: Each Search Term Needs a Title Tag

SEO Company

Imagine Trying To Find a Recipe In a 1000 Page Cookbook With No Index

Title Tags are one of the first things a search engine crawls. They define your pages. They?re the index. They need to clearly include your SEO keywords. Imagine trying to find a specific recipe in a thousand-page cookbook with a jumbled index. Chances are, you?ll go elsewhere. Search engines definitely will.

A Good SEO Company Knows: Structure Matters

Your website?s like a road map. The easier it is to get from Point A to Point B, the more likely Visitors and search engines will use it to get there.

It follows that your SEO Strategy should create a logical structure for your website by breaking your website down into categories. To make your site as SEO friendly as possible, the hierarchy of these categories should be reflected in you URL. And your website Content should also follow SEO best practices.

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