Need a Website

Why You No Longer Need A Website

We’re going to tell you something that may surprise you: You no longer need a website.

need a website What good does a slick looking electronic billboard do you if it?s standing in the middle of the desert?

No one will see it.? If no one sees it, how can they be converted into a customer? Is your website standing in a desert?

How many people have your URL memorized?? Aren?t these people you already know?

Even after you?ve run an ad with your website address in it, how many people are coming to your site? Do you even really know?

What about the people who are looking for what you offer, but have never heard of you at all?

So how effective is an ordinary old website at getting you new customers?

Frankly, not very effective at all. So how do you fix that?

?What You Need Is an Internet Conversion Machine.

So how is an ?Internet Conversion Machine? or ICM, different from just a website?

Inbound Marketing Utilizing an Internet Conversion Machine (ICM).

An Internet Conversion Machine (ICM) is a coordinated system of best practices utilizing proven overall Internet Marketing Strategies.? Without a strategy, any website is useless.? The engine of the ICM is in fact a carefully designed strategic website, but quite a bit different than the traditional model.? It must be able to integrate all forms of the Internet marketing strategies utilized by the ICM:? Keyword enhancement, SEO, SEM, social media, email, web video, blogging, and others.? It must utilize carefully crafted and tested CTA?s (Calls To Action) that move visitors in the direction you want them to go.? It must incorporate comprehensive Analytics so you know whether or not what you are doing is being effective.? These are the fuel and the lubricants that make your conversion machine ?Hum!?

How does an ICM attract the right kind of leads and makes them prospects?

The three most important things in Internet marketing:

Content, Content and more Content.

What do we mean by ?Content??? Content is the information about you and your products or services that distinguish you from your competition, but good content is more than that.? It is engaging, interesting and enhanced with keywords which are known to be the search terms that people are using to learn about the things you offer.? The goal is to first put you where people are looking and attract them to you, and then educate them, engage them, convert them, close them, and delight them.

An ICM attracts visitors to you, educates them and engages them so they are converted into action.? Those engaged visitors become leads, and those leads are converted to prospects which in turn become customers.? Yet an ICM doesn?t stop there.? It then makes those customers return again and again while they refer you to everyone they know.

Content is King and Conversion is the Kingdom

If the Internet Marketing Strategy being proposed by an agency doesn?t do all of this, you are talking to the wrong people. Imagine having so many properly qualified prospects that are looking for just what you offer, that you can choose to do business with the more desirable of these first without having to scrape for every bit of business out there.? That is what an Inbound Marketing agency using an Internet Conversion Machine can do for you. ? Click the button below to have your current website analyzed by a Hubspot Website Grader.

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