Why Your Visitors Will Thank You For Using a Web Grader

Understanding how your website is working is the key to building your business in today?s online driven economy. Your site is often the first impression your customers will have of your business. If you don?t engage them quickly, they?ll click off to a competitor?s site and most likely won?t come back. This is where a Web Grader can help.

The Web Grader is an in-depth digital audit of your website?s effectiveness. We first analyze your site based on a series of questions used to measure four factors: Attraction, Nurture, Conversion and Analytics. Then you’re site is given a number grade between 0-100 according to your responses and some outside research.

This grade is a good read on exactly what is working with your website, and what isn?t. That means that you can begin to focus on what isn?t working and improve your site to enhance the user experience.

Your Visitor?s Will Thank You!

The Internet has given consumers the ability to find any information on any topic easily and thoroughly. If you?ve done your due diligence when developing your inbound strategy, you?ve targeted customers most likely to purchase your project or service. Your website?s goal is to engage visitors, provide information relevant to their needs, address their pain points, and guide them into your lead funnel to then convert them and eventually sell them your product or service.

Being effective at nurturing and converting visitors requires your website to engage your users by providing them with the information they need to help them make a buying decision. You need to offer premium information to build a relationship with potential consumers. Your website needs to be easily navigable, clearly designed, and your CTAs and Landing Pages need to engage visitors, working to build trust and conversions.

A web grader allows you to view your website as your visitors do. By delving into the results, you can begin to see and understand what areas of your site may need improvement to better provide visitors with the information they seek and the enhanced user experience that will build trust and walk them through your lead funnel.

Sample Web Grader Results

Let?s look at an example of how a web grader can help you to improve your user?s experience. For example, this website scored:

ATTRACTION??????? ??????????? 14 out of 25

?NURTURE?????????????? ??????????? 4 out of 25

CONVERSION???????? ??????????? 4 out of 25

?ANALYTICS??????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?7 out of 25

Total Composite Score?? 29 out of a possible 100

Hubspot Marketing Grade 60 out of 100

This result shows that while the site is attracting traffic there is room for improvement. You can work to increase traffic by creating additional content that uses relevant keywords to improve your SEO ranking making you easier to find for users and driving additional traffic.

The nurture score can use improvement, as can conversions. Low scores in these areas can indicate that your site may be difficult to navigate, or not provide the relevant information your visitors are seeking. Perhaps the site is cluttered, or the CTAs are vague and positioned poorly. Opening the design, or altering CTA placement can make your offers easier for users to find and engage. These together help to build trust and develop a relationship with the user who will come to rely on your site as a place to quickly find valuable information.

By understanding your web grader score and making adjustments to your site to improve your user?s experience can turn your site into a lead generating powerhouse. Your visitors will thank you for it!

Web Grader

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