You Don?t Have a Lead Gen Problem

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

Lead generation is the goal of all of your business-to-business marketing and content is the major driver. A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs research found that:

  • 74% of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads
  • 47% of B2B marketers use content marketing to nurture, manage, and direct prospects through their lead funnel to sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist LeadsFor many, the focus is on creating ?epic? content; in other words, keyword driven and unique. The assumption being that leads will magically appear because ?content is king,? right??Well the fact is, conversion can be difficult if the back end of the process isn?t closely managed. The best content ever created is only as effective as the process.?There needs to be a balance between simply driving traffic and generating leads, and driving higher quality leads. While sheer numbers are important, if lead quality is low, converting enough prospects into leads can be difficult.

A conversion rate optimization specialist would first look at process. Improving and refining your approach, focusing on relevance, creating content targeted to your buyer personas, and taking an approach of nurturing prospects through the buying process can work to drive higher quality leads.

Let?s look at some of the biggest lead generation mistakes marketers make according to the experts.

  1. ?Creating Overly ?Salesy? Content That Doesn?t Resonate With Target Audiences

Creating content that is intended to convert readers and then placing it in social channels is a waste of time and (if paid for) money. Consumers have become more sophisticated and are generally looking for content that informs, educates, or entertains. People recognize advertising online, and nothing turns off a prospect faster than ?sales oriented,?advertorial”?content.

  1. ?Relying on ?Brand? Instead of Providing Value

A recent survey found that 73% of those asked said they could care less if the brand they used disappeared tomorrow! Don?t assume people care more about your brand than they actually do. Today?s consumer is value driven and they will gift you with their loyalty if you provide them with high-perceived value.

  1. ?Don?t Push The Issue!

Ask any conversion rate optimization specialist and they will tell you that?building high quality leads is a ?dance? of sorts. Content generated leads are?not the same as traditionally?generated leads. Getting a prospect to convert by offering a free eBook they may be interested in, is just the beginning. ?You need to work to develop a trusting relationship. That relationship needs to be nurtured before you contact them in a sales context. It?s a process, not a destination.

  1. ?Analytics Are Your Friend!

Many online marketers ignore the analytics side of the equation, or worse, look at the wrong metrics. The strength of content marketing and online lead generation lies in the numbers. Analytics tell you what is working and more importantly, what isn?t. Understanding the numbers allows you to adjust your approach to improve lead quality, and not waste a lot of time on tactics that don?t produce!

Online lead generation is equal parts art and science. Working with a conversion rate optimization specialist to refine your approach and understand your analytics is a smart move. If you?d like to know more, contact us and take our free Inbound Marketing Assessment. This survey can show you the gaps in your digital marketing approach and identify the areas needing improvement.? It?s a quick, easy way to begin to understand how your overall process can improve the quality and quantity of the leads that you?re generating.

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