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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Speed

Website Speed Slow? It’s been said that content is king. If this is true, speed is queen. And you know what they say–happy wife, happy life. People might come to your website for the content, but if they have to wait to see it, they’ll be gone before you can say, “Give us nine more […]

KPIs of Your Website: Using the Web Grader

Your inbound marketing is a fluid process of constantly working to improve your reach, conversions, and sales ratios. The beauty of inbound is the ability to track and analyze complex analytics that can help you to gauge your website?s effectiveness across areas like attraction, customer nurturing, engagement, and conversions. The ability to track customer behavior […]

Utilizing a Web Grader to Improve User Experience

Your company?s website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. Competition for the eyes and dollars of visitors relies on providing them with the best user experience possible. Is your website giving them the information they need? Once they find you, are they engaged and interacting with your content, or are they […]

Web Grader: Evaluating Your Website?s Lead Generation Power

The object of your inbound marketing effort is to generate leads for your business. The lead generation process is often referred to as your site’s sales or?lead funnel. Visitors come to your site to gather information to help them with their buying process. If you?ve done your homework, you know exactly what information you can […]

Make Your Website Work For YOU With a Web Grader

How well does your Website work? Is it a site that’s sought out, or is it a necessary evil through which your customers are forced to suffer in order to make a purchase? Do you dedicate significant dollars to it, or is it managed by too-much-on-their-plate employees on a catch-as-catch-can basis? Do you have a […]

That Moment You Realize Your Website Isn?t Performing? Web Grader

For those staring at their business website and wondering why impressive results continue to elude them, unraveling the mysteries of an inefficient website can appear a very frustrating endeavor.? If you are experiencing similar problems and questions when it comes to the ability to attract and convert customers, adopting a Web Grader is an excellent […]

Optimize or Start Fresh? What a Web Grader Will Tell You

Your website is often the first contact a new customer has with your business. Making it effective takes work, analysis, and constant testing. Often companies that have some level of success take the ?if it?s not broke, don?t fix it approach.? Traffic has been steady, conversion rates are acceptable, and you?re generating leads but are […]

Why Your Visitors Will Thank You For Using a Web Grader

Understanding how your website is working is the key to building your business in today?s online driven economy. Your site is often the first impression your customers will have of your business. If you don?t engage them quickly, they?ll click off to a competitor?s site and most likely won?t come back. This is where a […]

Should the Web Grader Tool Include Marketing Automation Software?

The inbound marketing process is complex. An effective marketing strategy requires coordination and consistency between many different areas of your business. To make things a little simpler, many marketers have utilized automated tools to streamline the lead management and conversion process for them. These tools can be useful, but can also end up doing more […]

Optimizing for Mobile Use With a Web Grader

Mobile technology use has been growing every?year. As more of us turn to?smartphones and tablets to access and engage, businesses need to make sure that their online marketing efforts can support the user experience on mobile devices.?One way to determine where you stand, what?s working and more importantly what isn?t, is by using a web […]